Review – Unskilled Scammers platform is creating a lot of buzz in the crypto community. This platform supposedly has created a highly efficient trading algorithm that is capable of generating 100% returns on a daily basis.

The founders of this miraculous system are unknown and their platform lacks all the key stuff. For example, they are unregulated, there are no audited reports. Plus, they accept money from all around the world via cryptocurrency only.

In other words, they look highly suspicious and the kind of narratives they use are all absolutely false. People that get sucked into this scheme will never get their money back because at the end of the day, this firm is bogus and everything they say benefits only them.

Trained eyes can easily spot the flaws present all over their website. In case you are trying to figure out their real nature, read the following paragraphs. By the time you are done with this article, you will know exactly why we are urging people to avoid it.

Fake Profiles and Creators

Transparency is an important element especially in the financial markets. Scammers know that people will not trust strangers with their money. So, they create bogus profiles in order to artificially enhance their operational model and establish authority.

On this platform, you will find a lot of data about the alleged team members along with pictures. While the images are crisp, you need to understand that there is no way to verify anyone’s real identity.

For all we know, they could be some random stock photos taken from the internet. If their team members were real traders, then why aren’t any track records published by them? Isn’t it easy to catch their flaws once we look at the attention to detail?

Scammers behind this firm have just created a narrative to gain new clients. Given the way they lie at every turn, you should never give them a chance to handle your funds or else you will be left with nothing.

How does Function?

This is the million dollar question. According to their official narrative, their algorithm supposedly uses high frequency trading systems to generate trades. Explanation provided by them is vague and needless to say, no system will double your funds on a daily basis.

HFT traders indeed rake in huge returns, but it won’t be in the double digits range. So, understand the fact that they are bluffing. Just because they used fancy vocabulary, do not fall into their trap.

If they were real traders, they would have showcased trading history and more importantly, they would be working for big banks instead of asking the public for money. Given the way they have explained their activities, we do not think they have any connections with the real market.

Exaggerated Returns

Cryptocurrency is a wild place. 10% volatility is pretty normal for this asset class. There are plenty of new projects and if you know what you are doing, then one can make a fortune.

Unfortunately, not everyone that trades these coins will make money. HFT trading carries a lot of risk and the type of infrastructure it requires is expensive. Moreover, this approach does not guarantee returns in any way.

Doubling funds every day certainly sounds amazing. However, we can all agree that it does not happen in reality, right? Statistically, these figures are impossible to sustain and at the end of the day, the numbers will never lie.

Do not be enticed by the kind of claims they make about income as they are all nothing but a trap designed to lure you in.

Contact Information

Surprisingly, we did find a few contact details on their platform. The scammers have put in work when it comes to research and it reveals itself when you look at them closely.

Nonetheless, know that all of their data is next to impossible to verify. In other words, they might have used a virtual address. Phone number is said to be toll free, but guess what? We were never able to reach out to them.

So, that is just another dead end. They might reply via email if they stand to benefit from the conversation. However, as soon as you have made a deposit, they will ghost you.

As the staff are absolutely ruthless, it is better to maintain your distance from them.

  • Phone – +44(0)2086542585
  • Email – User Reviews

This platform is relatively new. So, information regarding them is hard to find on the internet. Feedback about them is scarce and on all the top niche related forums, no one recognises this platform.

Simply put, there is no social proof present. If you come across any content or comment with a referral link attached, then do not trust the narrative.

As far as this platform is considered, it is a hustle and anyone that says otherwise probably is involved with them.

Is a Scam?

Answer to this question is straightforward, is a scam. They will loot anyone that sends them funds. On their platform they claim to have worked with big exchanges in the sector, but that is also a lie.

The only way the creators of this platform are going to make money is if they steal from their clients and they are pretty much guaranteed to do that. So, understand the situation and never give them a chance to hustle you in the first place.

While it is possible to recover money from them, it will be a time consuming process.

Verdict is just another version of the bitcoin doubler scam. Creators are going to extreme lengths to lure in the public. Eventually, they will run away with all the funds and their platform will go down hard.

As the future of this firm is easy to predict, do not get involved with it in any way.

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