CryptoMining247 Review – Deceptive Bitcoin Mining Scam! is an infectious habitant residing in the Bitcoin community. Forging false illusions of grandeur earnings through their illicit Bitcoin cloud mining program is the least of your worries with this latest scam operation. As you will quickly learn, nothing found at CryptoMining247 is what it appears to be. A deceptive veil of falsehoods and empty promises are the most you can expect to receive after you have departed with your hard-earned bitcoins.

Want to learn the truth behind Read our impartial yet unwavering review where we will uproot all legitimate appearing characteristics associated with the site and expose the vile nature of this cloud mining scheme.

About CryptoMining247 is an online platform that allows Bitcoin investors to buy hashing power. Claiming to provide the best cloud mining contracts, investors who register for an account and depart with their bitcoins through CryptoMining247 believe they are mining bitcoins without having the need to own any mining hardware. In essence, users are renting mining hash power from rigs that CryptoMining247 claims to have up and running and are able to receive payouts every 24 hours.

Since before their sites creation, has claimed to be specializing in developing smart Bitcoin mining techniques. Due to increasing consumer demand, their platform tread off the beaten path where they use to solely mine altcoins, which they then exchange into Bitcoin for their clients, and incorporated direct Bitcoin mining to their interface as well. Now, it is claimed that CryptoMining247 is also capable of mining Ethereum.

How does CryptoMining 247 Work?

There are 3 cloud mining packages available at While a free trial appears to be available on the site, it appears that free trial package is not operational for the time being.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Price: $28.50 (in BTC)

Hashrate: 200 GH/s

Duration: Open-Ended Bitcoin Mining Contract

Payment Method: Bitcoin

Alleged Hardware: Multi-Factor SHA-256 Algorithm Miner

Maintenance Fees? – Yes

Ethereum Cloud Mining

Price: $29.99 (in BTC)

Hashrate: 500 KH/s

Duration: 1 Year Ethereum Mining Contract

Payment Method: Ethereum

Alleged Hardware: GPU Rigs ETHash Algorithm Miner

Maintenance Fees? – No

Cloud Bitcoin Mining “Most Popular”

Price: $665.00 (in BTC)

Hashrate: 5 TH/s

Duration: Open-Ended Bitcoin Mining Contract

Payment Method: Bitcoin

Alleged Hardware: Multi-Factor SHA-256 Algorithm Miner

Maintenance Fees? – Yes Red Flags

There are a couple of red flags that should be considered before you commit with the CryptoMining247 operation. The first red flag, which isn’t doesn’t arouse too much suspicion, would be how no information regarding their data centers is provided. Sure enough, if had mining rigs set up then they wouldn’t have a problem divulging information regarding their data centers and how they are processing at the moment. Testimonials

The more worrisome red flag that we came across would be how employs fake user testimonials to gain your trust. As you can gather from the image above, none of the testimonials provided about CryptoMining247 are legit which should make you wonder what else this site is lying to you about.

CryptoMining247 Scam Test

Does CryptoMining247 promise unrealistic hashing power? doesn’t promise unbelievable high hashing power for their mining packages. Although the pricing of these packages arouses suspicion in regards to their affordability versus how much one is allegedly able to accrue with their mining contracts, overall it isn’t too far-fetched.

Is there information regarding the owners of the site?

No information regarding creators, owners or operators can be found on the CryptoMining247 About Us or Contact page. In order to find any authenticating information we had to visit their Terms of Service page where a corporate entity known as Development Inc is supposedly operating this site. Allegedly headquartered out of British Columbia, numerous searches of “Development Inc” across Canadian business registers failed to generate any credible search results that such a corporation exists.

How old is the website?

Claiming to have been in operation since 2016, a domain report will reveal that CryptoMining247 was actually created on August 13th, 2017. Furthermore, it appears that the site was privately registered so we are unable to discover any identifiable information regarding the creators behind this operation.

Does the site have a physical address?

The only address provided at CryptoMining247 would be their support email address,, which can only be found on their Terms and Service page. The only other method of contacting the operators at this site would be by using their Support Form submission, found on the bottom right-hand side of their site.

What is community feedback regarding the website? is a relatively new and unpopular cloud mining destination which has enabled this operation to stay under wraps. Currently there are only a few reviews regarding this operation where most of the verdicts concluded would be that CryptoMining247 is a Ponzi system.

How popular is the website? possessed a SimilarWeb global rank of 806,381 as of December 2017. Almost 85% if the visitors to the site reside within the United States and Canada. Other countries where this site is slightly popular are Spain, Turkey and Mexico. People are referred to when they search Google and other search engines for keywords such as “crypto mining,” “criptomonedas png,” “bitcoin mining cloud” and “cloud mining verified sites.”


On July 8, 2023, we received the following complaint from a person who reported being scammed for $850:

I signed up for Bitcoin and was instructed to transfer $300. Afterwards, I was redirected to the profitable bitcoining mining 247, where I was asked to transfer an additional $550. Later, I was informed that in order to withdraw the profit, I needed to pay a fee of $1750. I did all of this with the assistance of a woman on Instagram.

CryptoMining247 Review Conclusion

The evidence against CryptoMining247 should provide enough enlightenment to any cryptocurrency investor that this operation is one that cannot be trusted. Fabricating user testimonials so that you are more likely to sign up through their platform is downright pitiful and immoral. Do not waste your time, energy or bitcoins on the CryptoMining247 investment scheme, we can assure you nothing but loss and frustration will result.

Review Verdict: CryptoMining247 is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

The best way to effectively earn through cryptocurrency investing is by accumulating applicable knowledge and utilizing legitimate investment destinations. Take control of your Bitcoin earnings and learn how to apply valuable information from our Cryptocurrency Mining Guide!

Have you been scammed by CryptoMining247? We encourage you to voice your experience by sharing any feedback – positive or negative – that you may have below!


  1. Saira s.avila

    Hi I’m a victim of ms kathyrine mitchell fx.she refer to me of Mr Ibrahim yusuf.she told me after 3 days I received my profit.but she always asking a money to send to ms ellaine suralta.the 1st transaction July 2 after so many payment until I send 5k for payment for widraw nd deposit.i lost 15,100 .I told her that I’m not rich .I can’t afford all the .all of that I borrow to my fren and I sell my daughter order to give to her . believe that after that I received but.she block me in messenger.but I send a message to the management I got her wattsapp.i contact her.she tell me dat she’s account are try to hack.pls help me to get back my a poor person suffering of bankruptcy due to family business only farming

    • Danielle

      My husband and I fell into this scam as well. We are out $8,500. We thought we could trust our friend who posted about this but her account was actually hacked. Stupid mistake! We are reporting this scam everywhere we can so no one else falls for it.

  2. Steve P

    It is a scam. They take you BTC show incredible growth, but then you have to fork over another $ 4,000,– to be able to supposedly be able to withdraw mined BTC. They have 3 other levels, but they only pay 50% of profit, 65% and 80%. The most expensive one supposedly pays 100% which is the one they push for. Their website looks realistic with mining growing rapidly, however there is no payout available unless you upgrade. When I asked why they did not disclose the upgrade fees and the reduced payout commissions. When I asked my sales rep why they did not disclose these added charges up-front she indicated it was company policy not to disclose that to new investors. Her name is Miranda J Howard (although I discovered her name is actually Miranda J Cotrell 908-862-4488) – They claim to be registered in the UK but I do not believe that to be accurate either. I have their phone numbers but am sure they are fake as well. They only communicate over text, FB messenger and WhatsApp. Austin Brandon who is in their customer support division has a number of 740-841-6819, but will only communicate via text.

  3. Jim Bob

    They took $12,000 of my money and I’m currently working on getting it back. We should share information.

  4. Ryan Corcoran

    Agent:Nonsense Development Inc, Vancouver, B.C. Canada

    Operational name: Cryptomining 24/7

    Found on new contracts.
    Nonsense Development Inc
    1238 Melville St
    V6E 4N2 Vancouver

    Filter appointments
    Filter appointmentsCurrent appointments
    Total number of appointments 1
    Date of birth
    April 1963
    Company status
    Correspondence address
    Suite 3401-, 1238 Melville Street, Vancouver, Canada, V6E 4N2
    Role ACTIVE
    Appointed on
    9 October 2017
    Country of residence
    British Columbia – Canada
    604 600 9383

    Correspondence address
    Suite 3401-, 1238 Melville Street, Vancouver, Canada, V6E 4N2
    Role ACTIVE
    Date of birth
    April 1963
    Appointed on
    9 October 2017
    Country of residence

    • Jim Bob

      Hey, are you looking to recoup your money? We should connect and share information. They took $12,000 from me and I’m going to get it back.

    • Jim Bob

      want to share information to try and get our money back? email me at molp2 at hot mail dot com


        I’m reporting a scam .Today they took away my mpne.a LADY BY THE NAME Adrian NAJARAN TELEPHONE NUMER:+18053994392
        Imediatly they too it she vanished
        please can we see how we can get our money back

  5. John Harris

    Cryto mining 247 is full of shit. They took my money and made it seem like i was making money. Let they life be curse. Let the ground they walk on be cursed throught all there Blood line. Let they babies drown and never see light.

    • Ryan Corcoran

      John Harris was the name of the customer support rep I dealt with at cryptomining 24/7

  6. christopher Kundert

    20Th/s contract no withdraws, no response from customer support. I have filed a complaint with the Canadian consumer protection ministry.

    • Jeffrey

      I would like to leave a complaint as well… how did you do it?

    • Rick

      I paid a contract and have been mining for more than 3 months. The website has no button to do the withdraw. It is a scam. They take away my money. One employee, name as JOHN HARRIS, answered my question at the beginning of the contract. Later, when I asked for the withdraw, they never answer. Please search for the person JOHN HARRIS. Hope the name is not a fake.

  7. j bellman is definitely a SCAM. Lead me on for a few weeks with stories of upgrades and hosting issues and some other bullshit. Would love to see a lawsuit

  8. Thomas albright

    Over 200 days mining with this company, NO PAYMENTS TO MY WALLET!!! SCAM!!!

  9. J-R Amasan

    Hello good day admin do you have a review on ? I wanted to invest there.. they give 50gh trial.. I wait your reply..

  10. Jeffrey

    Hi, I believe you are right about the that site.

    I bought into is about 85 days ago and, even though they shows a stats page indicating earned payout, the wallet it should go to, and the amount earned, I can find no way to actually get a payout. In other words, they have taken my money…. period. When I got started I had trouble getting the hash-power paid for so someone actually called me on the phone and took the payment. The communication was great for the first three days while I was trying to get involved but after that… crickets; total silence and zero assistance. BEWARE: EVERYTHING WORKS EXCEPT THE PAYOUTS.

    Oddly, I still get emails asking for a review which, after a couple scathing ones with words like, cheats, liars, theirs, fraud, scams, etc., I still keep getting them I got more this morning. Steer clear of this site; they are frauds!


    • Joe

      Do you still have the number they called you on?

      • Jeffrey

        That is a good question. I will have to check my history on the cell.

        • Joe Riggs

          if you find the number we can send it to IC3 and the Canadians making my call to Canada tomorrow to report

          • Rick

            One employee from this website, named as John Harris, answered me a couple of emails. Please search for this person. Hope he is not a fake.

          • JACINTA WAMBUA

            this is the number they use
            +180553994392 the name of the lady is Adrian Najaran

      • Rick

        A employee, name as John Harris from this scam company, answered my email for a couple of time.

  11. paul

    Hi, Host.
    You have a great site. I will be promoting it.

    I have not been scammed by Crypto Mining 247 but can share some stories with you regarding the D9Clube of Entrepreneurs.
    Millions got scammed out of $2049.00 packages.

    Let me know if you want me to write about this.

    Your website is highly valued.

    I would like to contribute. How can I do so?

    Kindest regards.

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