CryptosPay.Club Review - Scam Review
CryptosPay.Club is an investment firm which claims to generate revenue from implementing innovative ideas with regards to cryptocurrencies and mining bitcoins. No details can be found about the personnel behind this firm as they have masked everything.

These self proclaimed investment experts promise clients returns of over 250% every 4 hours once. The return claims are all fairy tales used to appeal and lure everyday people who do not have any idea about how markets are structured.

Before you interact with this firm for any reason, read our comprehensive review which will expose the personal agendas of these fraudsters.

Company and Contact Details

Financial services are one of the most regulated activities in the world. Any corporation who deals with retail investors are required to be regulated by the local authorities. CryptosPay.Club represents an ICO which basically uses funds raised from the general public for two purposes which are cryptocurrency trading and mining.

As always we carried out a thorough check on the legal documents provided by them but we couldn’t find a single element to prove their legitimacy. We even searched in the FCA database for the information but there wasn’t any which means they are obviously looting the investors and have provided bogus details.

This platform houses a registration certificate but remember it is just a trick used by most scams to appear reputable. Their document is nothing more then a poor work of photo editing. Looks like these scammers didn’t have enough time to give attention to the details.

This firm has put up address and email details on their website.

Address – W1D 6PU, 33 Wardown street, London, United Kingdom

Email –

How does CryptosPay.Club work ?

We do not have the faintest idea. They have completely skipped talking about what their actual approach is. There is no previous performance report of any of their alleged experts.

Cryptocurrencies have a lot of volatility which can help you build your account or destroy it but unless you are aware of what you are doing, chances of your account will get drained sooner or later. The investors are not briefed about what parameters are considered by them before executing a trade. Since these crooks have even failed to talk about risk and money management techniques, we strongly believe that they have no idea about trading.

With regards to mining there is no detailed information either. The profit margin in mining is falling day by day due to the competition, nowadays for most retail investor. Mining is certainly not profitable at all. On what basis can anyone trust this company with their money?

Returns Offered

There are 3 investment plans which offers returns ranging from 127% – 251% within hours. Offers like these are irresistible for newbie traders and investors but they are all unreal and are just being used as baits to lure you into their fraudulent platform.

See the exact details of the packages, do you really believe someone over the internet is going to offer these kind of profits for free?

Plan 1

Returns – 127%

Duration – 24 Hours

Min Deposit – $10

Plan 2

Returns – 167%

Duration – 3 Days

Min Deposit – $100

Plan 3

Returns – 251%

Duration – 4 Hours

Min Deposit – $1,000

Affiliate Program

All ponzi schemes are structured in such a way that the revenue they make is divided between marketers and creators. The affiliates who promote this scheme and refer people to this service gets a flat cut of 5%. - Affiliate Program

Moreover the affiliates are not required to hold an active deposit to get their remuneration.

Domain Whereabouts

A search on reveals that this website ranks 54,957 in Mongolia and has a global rank of 21,915,108.

Thanks to service, we know that this domain was registered on 23/02/2018 and has a validity of 1 year.

Deposit and Withdrawals

The basic investment package starts at $10 and the minimum payout is $0.5. This firm accepts Bitcoins only which is apparently because the transactions are harder to track.

The transaction fees imposed on withdrawals is not mentioned and the time taken for processing withdrawals is not revealed on their FAQ section.

Is CryptosPay.Club a Scam ?

In short, an obvious yes,

They have not provided any proof of trading at all. Their mining capabilities are not featured and the location of the farms is unknown. At the end of the day they are asking for your money without providing an ounce of information or evidence.

Do not take a shot in the dark with your hard earned funds and do not get confused when they show withdrawal proof like screenshot of the transaction, they all are fake. Considering all the disturbing factors we discussed this firm is surely a ponzi scheme.

CryptosPay.Club Review Conclusion

CryptosPay.Club falls in the category of dangerous scams which are like cancer to the online investing world. They usually will target inexperienced investors as they are more likely to believe their rubbish narration but remember to avoid any firms which are unregulated despite what riches they promise you.

Note that one of the prominent aspect which reveals their true motive is the way their support team works. There is no way any reliable investment firm would operate without providing the clients with assistance over telephone. Ask yourself is investing with them worth putting your money at risk even after seeing all these facts.

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