Cardonio ( is a cryptocurrency credit card payment solution which claims to revolutionize the industry and provide banking access to over two billion people. This firm has done a decent work in putting across their goals in a nice way and has managed to keep their platform clean and straight forward which apparently might be the reason why many people have become a victim of this fake ICO.

If you want to know how this scheme truly works and save yourself from losing your funds make sure to go through our complete and unbiased review which will expose all the dirty secrets of this firm.

Company and Contact Details

Since the number of scams revolving around financial sectors have exploded in the recent times there are many rules and regulations laid by central authorities for ICO in order to prevent the number of fake platforms.

Cardonio represents an ICO which raises funds from the general public for specific purposes which in this case is supposedly to invent a new payment scheme and the investors are promised certain amount of profits if everything happens according to the plan.

While we tried to find any information about this corporation in the database of FCA, they are most probably operating outside the law and they will be put behind bars when caught.

Even this firm has refused to put up any license and incorporation details. Isn’t it somewhat strange for a company which claims to partner up with VISA to not feature transparency? you be the judge. There is no contact details provided by this firm.

In case if you face any kind of issues with them if you are banned in their telegram channel then you are out of luck. Will you invest into an ICO which does not have the basic standard of providing the clients with assistance?

How does Cardonio work ?

This firm states that it believes in the growth of digital AKA cryptocurrencies and focuses on changing the entire distribution of wealth and give access to two billion unbaked people with financial services. In short they claim to eliminate the current hassles associated with the payment systems.

The actual thought behind this firm high seem enticing but it is not easy to build a new payment mechanism from scratch and even if it was implemented it will take at least a couple of years to replace all the existing methods.

As this company is very new and does not show any proof of being in the banking sector or the blockchain business, how can the clients trust this company especially when the actual plans are never revealed? Investing in this ICO is nothing more than gambling, in both the cases you will never know what will happen.

Profits Projection

The way they have structured their scheme is a little concerning. They plan on carrying 6 rounds of fund raising which supposedly increases the value of one token from $ 0.02 to $ 1.50. If you do the math it is over 75 times your initial investment does that sound possible to you?

There are only a handful of cryptocurrencies which have gained these kind of vales but that did not happen within 6 months. This method is nothing but a classic game of pump and dump whenever situation like these exist investors are better off if they walk away from them because the odds are against you on a huge scale.

Referral Program

This ICO needs to raise a lot of money in order for them to qualify for achieving their goals. To increase their reach and spread awareness of their platform they issue free tokens to any individual who signs up with them, refers 3 other friends and completes the KYC process.

This method of marketing is similar to the pyramid scheme which is much hated in the cryptocurrency niche because mainly fake schemes employ them.

Domain Whereabouts

Special thanks to, we know that this domain was registered on 26/11/2016 and it expires on 26/11/2019. The registrant details are not available as they are using privacy service.

This website ranks 78,404 in India and has a global rank of 544,685 this site gets an estimated traffic of over 600,000 visitors monthly according to This service has gained extreme popularity in India, Nigeria, Czech Republic, United States and Bangladesh.

Is Cardonio Scamor Legit ?

This firm is undeniably a swindle,

The details of the creators and employees cannot be verified. LinkedIn profile shows that their accounts are all very new. They are active many popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube but as you can easily verify they have all joined recently which means they have no experience, track record and are maintaining anonymity.

Do not be gullible enough to trust them because if you give them the benefit of doubt, the chances are you are going to lose your money and face a lot of disappointments.

Cardonio Review Conclusion

Cardonio throws a lot of empty promises and yes bogus details. They are unregulated and the address they have provided is a fake one. The sales team of this company is fishy and follow every scam tactic to convince you into depositing more.

Mind you if at any point of time you start asking too many question to their support staff in the telegram channel they will block you. Many forums on the internet have accused them of selling two data got from KYC, so in addition to the money lost, the investors are even risking their private details. We suggest all our readers to stay clear of this ICO.

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