FxInvestigo.com/Fxbit.org Review

Fxinvestigo.com,Fxbit.org - Scam Review
FxInvestigo is a fund management company which promises to investors a stable and guaranteed income of $500 per day. There is no details of the alleged expert fund managers or the person’s working for this firm.

There platform has put up detailed information about the basics of forex which can also be found for free on the internet, they have just tried to appear trustworthy and trying to sound like they know what they are doing in the forex world.

If you are contacted by this firm or you are considering to open an account with this fraud program then make sure to go through our impartial review to find out all the cheap marketing tricks used by them to lure you and why you cannot afford to mess with them

Licenses and Support

All the firms which are involved in retail side of the forex market are supposed to be regulated. FxInvestigo.com/Fxbit.org is an ICO which accepts funds by a group of private investors for trading the international forex markets and offers them certain amount of returns after the contract entered by them expires.

On their About us page they claim to be regulated and registered in Great Britain and Singapore but all their claims are bogus. Most scams employ fake registration certificates like these to win over the trust of the clients. We have checked the database of FCA, there is no information about this fake platform.

The person orchestrating this firm is bound to face criminal prosecution when caught. There isn’t any way to contact the support team except via the contact form on their website.

How does FxInvestigo.com/Fxbit.org works ?

This company is supposedly run by a group of experienced traders and market analysts who claims to have the necessary skills and extraordinary knowledge required to consistently profit from the markets. Their explanation is a vague story which in reality does not provide any valuable information what so ever.

Trading forex requires a sound knowledge of technical analysis in addition with keeping an eye on consensuses which is commonly known as fundamental analysis. As there is no clue about their strategy in terms of risk, reward ratio along with the fact that their success rate not being revealed, we do not believe they have any skills in trading.

Profits Offered

Earning funds and becoming financially independent is the goal of most everyday people but do not let your necessities or desires blind you from seeing the truth. There are 6 investment plans wherein they claim to offer guaranteed returns of 1000% after 1 day. These kind of returns cannot be achieved by the best hedge funds over a decade and we are sure this fraudsters do not have a chance of achieving them.

Take a look at the investment packages :-

IC 01

Deposit – $10

Returns – $12

Tenure – 5 Days

IC 02

Deposit – $105

Returns – $12,575

Tenure – 30 Days

IC 03

Deposit – $501

Returns – $2,400

Tenure – 2 Days

IC 04

Deposit – $1,005

Returns – $8,000

Tenure – 1 Day

IC 05

Deposit – $5,005

Returns – $42,575

Tenure – 10 Days

IC 06

Deposit – $10,005

Returns – $102,575

Tenure – 1 Day


Every company strives hard to maintain credibility and transparency as two factors are absolutely essential for the success of any business. This firm features details about their employees but when we went in search of information regarding these persons over the internet, we couldn’t find any relevant information which proves that their statements are all telltale stories.  Now ask yourself why would they lie about their team members unless they have something to hide from us?

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A search on whois.com shows that this domain was registered on 10/07/2018 and expires after 1 year. The registrant contact details are:-

Name – Yolonda Mathew

Address – 56 Tanglin Road, Singapore, 247 964.

This website ranks 686,612 globally and has a rank of 25,776 in Nigeria. This firm appears to target clients from Nigeria, Iran, Ghana, Uganda and Tanzania.

Deposit and Withdrawal

The minimum spend is $10 and the minimum payout is $0.10 but may vary depending on the withdrawal method. The e-wallets accepted by this service are Payeer, Perfect Money and Bitcoin. We don’t know if there are any fees imposed on deposits or withdrawals and the time taken for processing payouts is not mentioned.

Is FxInvestigo.com/Fxbit.org a Scam ?

This firm is undoubtedly an over blown ponzi scheme.

No investment firm can afford to pay 1000% returns per day and obviously those kind of numbers can be gained through trading. Ponzi schemes in general create a loop of deposits and withdrawals where in they stay cash flow positive but it is just a matter of time before their unsustainable scheme collapses.

FxInvestigo.com/Fxbit.org Review Conclusion

Making money by trading forex is possible for anyone if they acquire the basic education and have strict discipline to follow a plan which has been back tested with the historical data. Automated income may seem attractive but in reality returns of 1000% are just a bluff used to gain access to your wallets.

Ask yourself if any company had some sort of proprietary technologies which yields guaranteed returns, why would anyone offer it to the general public for free?

Have you been scammed by FxInvestigo.com/Fxbit.org? Share your feedback by commenting below.


  1. eshmah Depead

    This is a scam. I advice to everyone that you never invest in fxbit…. I invested here 10$ earkier and gave me as a payout 12$… so I invested 100$, after that they blocked me, don’t invest here… this is a real scam


    supper comapny , help me to get royal life , me and my friends are happy

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