Double Your Bitcoin SCAM (11 Viral Cryptocurrency Doublers in 2018)

Welcome to this Double Your Bitcoin regularly updated review of the cryptocurrency industry’s most viral cryptocurrency doublers/multipliers.

If you were looking for ways to make money online, then most probably you ran into at least some of the offers we are going to cover here.

Many of you were asking about one site or another. Whether they are legit schemes, and is doubling your Bitcoin amount in such a short period of time even possible.

In this post, we would like to tell you what we really think about those questionable services, and expose the truth about them.

Are they legit or merely scam attempts to manipulate innocent victims? Keep reading.

It’s no secret that the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency field holds some great opportunities for making money. We all know it. However, you must keep in mind, that as in any other trending niche, there are the ones that try to take advantage of the positive reputation and hype around it.

The products and software that claim to teach you how to double your bitcoins fast are a classic example for that. They all pretty much use the same principle and present false promises. But when you dig further, you’ll almost always get to the same unfortunate conclusion.

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Let’s go over some of the main ones and see what’s they are all about.


This is a Bitcoin doubler product in which you invest your money and supposedly get back twice the amount you deposited.

They claim that until you receive it, you’ll earn interest rate as a percentage of your capital.

In reality, however, there is no sophisticated trading algorithm that operates with your money.

Instead, it all built on users’ deposited coins, and the people you refer.

Here is just a small taste of what people who tried had to say online in comments on reviews:

TAKE CARE!!!! This is a SCAM. I sent a deposit an NO CREDIT was done”, or “just sent a small amount just to test if they are going to pay. They did pay the first transaction. after depositing for a second and third transaction, no payouts were received. Don’t fall for this. It’s a scam - Doubler Zone Scam


A doubler service that already manipulated many people.

According to real users who tried them, they pay you at first. They do it with small amounts and in order to earn your trust.

But then they stop paying.

And if you have any complaints, you will suddenly have no one to talk with. Once they got your money they have no interest in you or your problems.

Don’t be surprised…

The reputation of this program is terrible. In, they got 7 down-votes and only 1 up-vote. That, in addition to extremely low 41% reputation score.

In it’s even worse. After calculating different parameters, they consider this double your Bitcoin site as only 21 percent safe for using. - 96 hours doubler biz scam is a SCAM! Click To Tweet


Another known scam that sadly was able to mislead quite many.

It’s easy to find out about the true nature of this money making scheme when you search online.

Users who tried it describe their experience and it appears to be very negative.

In both and, which are among the biggest communities, we found related threads.

One person even reveals exactly the way they operate.

First they ask you to fund an account with certain amount of Bitcoin, promising you’ll double it in 1 to 3 days. According to them, the profits should be generated thanks to their special forex trading skills. Then, once you send your coins, they deliver a very problematic email. It says that for some reason your transaction look suspicious, and that in order to process it they need a confirmation. They ask for many documents to “prove” your transfer. Of course it’s just a way to buy time and you don’t get any money eventually. So in addition to take your money without any return, they continue with fraudulent activity after stealing your identity. How bad! - Multiply Bitcoins scam is a SCAM! Click To Tweet


We wrote about this fraud in a detailed review here on

We presented the ridiculous claims behind this system, but were sorry to hear about more people who fell into this type of traps.

As mentioned in our post, the crooks behind this program want you to believe they found some kind of loophole in the blockchain. It allows them to take any amount of BTC and get a return of 1,000 times more. They keep most of it for themselves, and generously share some of the gains with you.

Of course if there was anything real about it, the cryptocurrency industry would have been crashing long time ago.

Note that there are other domains with similar name. We are not sure if all of them belongs to the same gang, but we do know they are all scammers. - Bitcoin Doubler tech scam is a SCAM! Click To Tweet


Few emails we received made us wonder about this service. They were all sent from people who had a very bad experience with it. They were all tempted to put their hard earned money at risk, while hoping to get a decent reward.

But a short research helped us to understand what it’s all about.

This is a non legit offer and you can clearly see signs for it just from visiting their domain. does nice work here. They analyze different parameters of websites in order to validate their legitimacy.

In this case, the trust rating is no more than ZERO. It means that not only they will not pay you what they promise, but it’s also not safe to even enter their domain. It’s full with malware and suspicious related servers.

That’s another reason we recommend to completely ignore and not even look at these scams. - Double Bitcoin 3 Hours scam is a SCAM! Click To Tweet


Behind this fake site stands a person, or maybe several people, who operate mainly on social platforms and forums.

What they do, is to open multiple users that talk with each other. Usually there is one who presents the scam, and the others reply and add positive comments. They are all allegedly happy with the product and report how much money they earn by using it.

Other people who come to see those posts and threads might think that the conversations are genuine, and that the service is actually legitimate.

Apparently it worked on some. Others, however, such as this guy in a BitcoinTalk thread, fight to expose those thieves.

They do it usually because they lost money themselves, and want to help others not to fall to the same trap. So if the scammers use these platforms, so should we in order to expose their stupid lies. - BTC 2 Double scam is a SCAM! Click To Tweet


Supposedly basing on a an upgraded protocol of blockchain, these scammers offer to double your bitcoins amount quickly.

Users report that they never pay, and we can’t be surprised.

This is definitely not a sophisticated scam. Presenting themselves as some kind of ICO, they don’t even make an effort in the small pieces of information.

None of the details they published since the domain was created was proven the be true. There is no one to contact for support, and all the ownership data is hidden.

There is no white paper, no wallet, not even a source code. All of these are very basic for a project of this type.

Lacking them is a big screaming red flag. - BTC x2 scam is a SCAM! Click To Tweet


First, there was something called the Instant Bitcoin Doubler. Someone posted about it in some forums and told people it’s a beta testing version of a new amazing software.

It supposed to double your capital right after you put your money in.

Then, he showed them on that a transaction which is twice bigger was sent to them.

The only problem was that these transactions were never confirmed. It was merely to make people think they are getting some reward for their investment.

And now there is this site called, which we are not actually sure if it’s related, but we assume there might be a connection.

Anyway we know that this is  another fraudulent web application.

In addition to people’s complains, the site itself marked as unsafe.

Scamadviser even warns you: “The website has been newly registered with a short life expectancy, which follows the pattern used by many fraudulent and fake selling websites.” - Instant Doubler pro scam is a SCAM! Click To Tweet


This project claims to be the best platform for Bitcoin investment.

However, their page is the only place where you’ll see anyone who agrees with that statement.

In practice, this is another nasty attempt to trick you and steal your money.

According to the site, you first make a payment and then get rewarded within only one hour. After the first sixty minutes you get 2% on your investment, and after 100 hours you earn 200% back.

When you do that, you actually see your capital rising, two percent at a time.

The only problem is that what you see is simply a virtual presentation they put there in order to keep you satisfied.

But when it comes to the “money time” no client was ever able to double his money or even withdrawal his initial funding amount. - BitcoinFast scam is a SCAM! Click To Tweet


We were very glad to see that this website is already not operative and is offline because it is a known scam that was already exposed.

But we will not be surprised if the same crook who is in charge of this fraud, is still out there deceiving people under other domains.

Here is what basically happened there: They took advantage of most innocent online visitors, and talked them into giving away their money.

It was all under the promise that they are going to get 200% gains and double their initial Bitcoin invested amount within no more than 8 hours.

There is not even an explanation of how it works. Without telling you something about the type of methods they use in order to generate this unreasonable outcome, they expect you to trust them.

Unfortunately, many have fallen for this silly suggestion. - 8 Hour Double scam is a SCAM! Click To Tweet


One of the many scams that tells you how to double your Bitcoin.

By using false statements and presentations, they mislead the public and take their money.

Unfortunately, some people think that every opportunity in the cryptocurrency market is worth trying. They get excited just because they read the word “Bitcoin.”

Hopefully, lessons are taken and no more frauds will be allowed to be around. It currently seems that this site is not active. But as you could see there are other with almost identical names and they are all fraudulent.

In addition to this one, and that we mentioned earlier, there are others. So far we ran into, BitcoinDoubler.we and

If you know of similar others, please let us know in the comments below. - Bitcoin Doubler expert scam is a SCAM! Click To Tweet

Double Your Bitcoin Bottom Line

As you could learn in this review, all of the above software and programs are clearly scam services.

They are all full with great promises and big words. But in reality they deliver nothing.

No one can double or triple your BTC account so fast, with no risk, and with such an absolute certainty.

And even if they could, they have no reason to do so. Why should someone do it for free? Do you know anyone who is willing to give away free money to random people across the web just like that? Stay away from these nonsense.

Any cryptocurrency doublers we forgot to mention? Let us know by comment below and we shall add them to this review!

This is not the way to earn money in crypto. If you want to be profitable, you need to either find a legit service that would do the work for you, or develop your own skills so you’ll be able to generate your own income independently.

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