Eagle Rock Global Review – Is it a SCAM?

Eagle Rock Global is a new cryptocurrency investment platform which is involved in a lot of sub-sectors. The team behind this project seems to be new. However, we couldn’t find any reliable information about their background.

Their platform is well designed, but it might overwhelm the beginners. They have provided an incorporation certificate on their website, but do not mistake it as a seal of trust.

There is a lot of difference between being registered and regulated. Before adding this token to your portfolio, read our review to find out exactly what you are dealing with. Eagle Rock Global Review

Team and Company

This firm has put up the images of most of their employees along with their designation. Unfortunately, they have not included the links to their social media profiles or anything which helps the public to trace them out. We searched through various online forums, but could not find enough reasons to believe them. Eagle Rock Global Employees

As of now, the images featured by them looks like stock images. However, we are still giving them the benefit of doubt. Remember, if a firm refuses to be transparent, then it is better to stay away from it.

Eagle Rock Global features a certificate of incorporation on their platform. However, they are not under the radar of the FCA. We checked the database to see if there are any details about this investment program, but we couldn’t find any. So, it is not at all worth risking your money.

Due to lack of the customer feedback, we do not know the quality of their support team yet. The contact details of this firm are as follows.

Address – Intershore Chambers, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands (UK)

Office – Golden Cross House, 8 Duncannon Street, London, WC2N 4JF (UK)

Email – support@eaglerockglobal.org

How does Eagle Rock Global Work?

There is no one word answer to this question. They state that they are involved with cryptocurrency trading, mining, paid to click business model and many more. There is even a games section on their site.

The terms and conditions involved are not clear, but you can always ask their support team for more information. With regards to the cryptocurrency trading and mining, the lack of adequate information is unbearable.

We do not have any idea about their trading methodology or accuracy. They have not shown any trading history plus the names of the fund managers are unknown. Moreover, the details of they mining farms is also a mystery. They even talk about E-commerce, but the information provided is also vague.

In short, there is nothing on this platform which will appeal to the seasoned investor. Always make sure you understand the operational model of an ICO before you invest. Nowadays there are hundreds of ICO’s launching each week. So, it’s extremely important to do your homework.

Investment Plans and Profit Advertised

The investment plans offered by this company ranges from $100 to 1 million dollars. As a rule of thumb know that, to get more returns, you should start with higher capital.

The returns top out at 180% yearly. These kind of number may be eye catching, but ask yourself is it really possible? Professional traders and hedge funds aim for 10% to 15% yearly. Moreover, 90% of the retail traders lose money.

So, do not be blinded by greed instead take your step cautiously and say no to any kind of easy money schemes. If their claims were indeed true, they would have been busy making millions instead of taking money from the public.

Domain Information

Unfortunately, the owners of this platform have masked their identity. So, here are the important details we managed to gather.

Domain – Eaglerockglobal.org

Registrar – NameCheap, Inc

Registered On – 22/11/2017

Expiry – 22/11/2022

Alexa Global Rank – 42,190

Rank in Vietnam – 1,342

Audience Geography – Vietnam, Russia, United States, Ukraine and Germany


March 2018 – Initialized system and marketing

April 2018 – Deployed and started system developing

May 2018 – Connected with Partners

June 2018 – Designed and Launched the app on Android

July 2018 – Launched the app on ios

Lack of Social Proof

Every online business leaves a track of testimonials in the online world. Though, this firm has high ranking and is getting a ton of traffic, there aren’t many testimonies. Given their shady nature combined with lack of social proof something smells fishy.

However, they cannot hide their true nature for long and time will tell about their real agendas. For now, it is better to stay away from them for your own good or at least start with the absolute minimum.

Keep an eye out for the referral links, there might be few promoters who might create hype about this project. Moreover, if you read about any return claims above 20% per year, never hesitate to reject the offer outright.

Eagle Rock Global Review Conclusion

Eagle Rock Global has poorly represented their operational model. The details of the employees are not convincing enough and the profit claims are ridiculous.

There is a sections showcasing the profit and loss statistics of the alleged investors, but there is no way to verify their credibility. So, unless we get more feedback from the clients on popular forums, it is not worth your time or money. Remember looks can always be deceiving and without transparency an online business can never flourish.

Verdict – Eagle Rock Global is not trustworthy.

Will you include Eagle Rock Global in your portfolio? Let us know in the comments section below!


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