Legion Trade Review – Legiontrade.biz Exposed!

Legion Trade is a forex trading solution alleged to be created to help traders profit from the market. At first glance, their platform appears to be legit for most beginners.

However, their agendas are outright criminal. The owners of this firm have maintained anonymity and seems to be a professional scammers. They claim to generate 10% ROI per day.

If you have any grasp about the way the markets work, then you already know that they are bluffing. Most of the newbie traders are after making a quick buck, but before you proceed with them in any way, go through our review. We will discuss in detail about everything related to this fraud program. Legion Trade Review

Company and Contact Details

All the investment solutions are required to adhere to strict measures laid by the local regulatory body. Since, this firm refuses to share any of their whereabouts, their credibility has become non-existent.

We checked the database of FCA and FTC. Unfortunately, there is no details about this platform on any of their radars. So, this whole scheme is 100% fraud operation which will take all of the investors money and flee away.

If you unknowingly invest with them, then know that, you won’t get anything in return. Moreover, their support team won’t answer your emails as well. So, think for a minute, is it really worth the risk?

Email – support@legiontrade.biz

Legion Trade Operational Model

This firm claims to be actively trading the oil and the forex markets. These two markets are highly liquid. However, it is not easy to profit from them. Apart from stating that they have experienced group of traders, there is no in-depth explanation featured.

They have talked about the generic aspects of trading, but that kind of material is available for free on the internet. The names of these so called successful traders are still a mystery.

On top of that, they have failed to feature any verifiable trading history. In short, we do not know their win rate, drawdown and ideal capital requirement. So, without knowing the main aspects, how will you trust them? Forex markets are open 24/7 and is a great way of making money.

However, before you get started, you should have a process in place or else odds will be against you. Never believe these kind of pathetic automated trading systems because if it really worked, they wouldn’t be free in the first place.

Investment Promises

There is only one investment plan on their platform. These crooks are persuading the public into investing more up-front capital to gain higher returns. We all know that it sounds exciting to make money without putting any efforts.

However, remember that there is no such thing as free lunch. The creators are just luring people in using bold claims and are literally exploiting the greed of the newbies to create wealth.

People have made millions and billions by trading or investing, but it takes a lot of time to reach  that level. It certainly won’t happen just by clicking few buttons. So, start your journey by acquiring proper education about the market and slowly move up the ladder. Below is the details of their investment package, isn’t it too good to be true?

Plan 1

Returns – 10% Daily

Period – 20 Days

Minimum Deposit – $20

Referral Program

You might have been confused by looking at all the positive reviews about this platform. The creators of this firm are offering high commissions for the promoters to drive traffic to their website.

So, the promoters are creating misleading content and are making money by introducing people on to the scheme. If you come across any sort of positive reviews about them, then in short understand that it is a trap to transfer money from your pocket to their bank account.

Despite all our efforts in creating awareness about this type of frauds, it is sad to see many people fall for the hype.

Domain Insight

Just like we thought, the owner of this website has masked his or her identity. We do understand privacy concerns some legit organisations might have, but in this case they are operating anonymously only to escape criminal prosecution. Nonetheless, the key insight of this domain are as follows.

Domain – Legiontrade.biz

Registered On – 11/05/2015

Expiry – 10/05/2021

Alexa Global Rank – 1,162,084

Rank in Brazil – 51,833

Audience Geography – Brazil, Vietnam, United States, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Fake Withdrawal Statistics

On their homepage, they have shown alleged withdrawal statistics. This is an old school trick followed by nearly 99% of the HYIP scams. The main target audience of these kind of frauds are newbie. Legion Trade Fake Statistics

So, to win their trust and make them believe in their narrative, they uphold these kind of so called social proof. Be cautious whenever you come across investment services online and thoroughly check their regulatory status before proceeding with them.

After all, it is the duty of the investors to conduct a background search before sending them your hard earned money.

Legion Trade Review Conclusion

Legion Trade is a total fraud which is creating chaos for the early investors. They might have paid certain amount of people. However, due to their ponzi business model, they will crumble pretty soon.

Their explanation might overwhelm you, but do not drift into the world of fantasy. Remember without skill and hard work, success can never be achieved. Overnight riches is at the end of the day just a myth.

Have you lost money to LegionTrade.biz? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. Mertens

    Hy, cyberinvestigators. Tech, they are full scam, they say, that they can recover my money, and they take me 15000 euro. And now I here nothing more of them

    Alain, belguim.


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