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Ebitinvest.com - Scam Review
eBitInvest is a cryptocurrency investment solution which advertises returns of 20% per day. Their website layout resembles most of the Bitcoin Doubler scams we have exposed in the past. As expected the actual people running this scam is operating from the shadow.

During our investigation we found nothing but hyped income claims and glorified telltale stories designed specifically to catch newbie investors attention and ultimately loot them. Join us in this insightful review wherein we will expose all the real motives of this fraudulent program.

Company and Support

Almost all of the sectors of the financial markets are regulated as they deal with the money of everyday people. Cryptocurrency boom shocked the markets and many people started to build a portfolio around them. Since cryptos are not fully regulated yet, it is of utmost importance to make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate and reputable services only.

eBitInvest represents an ICO, their operational model is simple. They raise money for trading various cryptocurrency exchanges and share the profits with the investors, the exact percentage depends upon the initial capital.

This type of financial service is not something which any firm can offer just like that, they should hold proper documentation and license in order to do so. We took the time to go through both FCA and FTC platform to find any details of this so called investment company but there is no clue about them and it clearly proves that they are nothing but a bunch of frauds.

This firm claims to be operating in three countries but has failed to share any details about the license they have so for any reason they are not trustworthy. Here are the contact details:-


1. 999 Third Ave, 11th Floor Seattle, WA9 8104, USA

2. Nand S Building, 10 Lower Thames Street, 10th Floor, London EC3R 6AD, United Kingdom

3. 1/F, 10 Queens Road, Central Hong Kong, China


USA – +1 206 552 7469

UK – +44 203514 1872

HK – +852 58080456


General Inquiry – info@ebitinvest.com

Client Support – support@ebitinvest.com

Payments – payments@ebitinvest.com


One of the strongest notion which makes a company both reputable and successful is transparency but these fraudsters have twisted these things to their living. In the About Us section of the website they have shown some images of their alleged employees.

For newbie investors this might seem like a nice gesture on the firms part but do not jump into conclusions. We searched for any information about these so called successful professionals on the internet and nothing related to them showed up. The images used are most probably stock photos and the names are all made up, basically all the characters are imaginary.

How does eBitInvest work ?

The narration of this firm is hilarious. They state that they have studied the Bitcoin markets very closely and have build bots with Artificial intelligence to tackle the markets. Also they are said to have data related to the exact trading value i.e how many are buying and how many are selling in real time.

All their explanation is equivalent to trash. No one in the market knows the exact number of buyers and sellers, by chance even if someone did find that, it will be too late to take advantage of that because the exact numbers keep on changing.

Cryptocurrency has volatility unlike any other but if you do not have a strategy which provides you a statistical edge then how can one hope to be profitable on a consistent basis ? Since these filthy scammers haven’t talked about every aspect of trading such as risk diversification, analysis they have incorporated it means that they are targeting inexperienced investors who are more likely to believe their false claims.


Imagine if you could double your money every 5 days, what would happen ? Within a couple of years you would be the richest person ever in the world but does that seem likely to you without putting any effort like these scammers are promising you.

20% ROI daily is not sustainable at all and though these crooks are also aware of this fact, they are just using claims like these to get people to sign up with them and deposit. Whenever a stranger over the internet offers to make you a wealthy person then avoid them the only person to lose money will be you.

Affiliate Program

Schemes like these desperately need to reach more people quickly because they know that they won’t be operational for long. To grow their revenue they offer an affiliate program wherein the contract brings benefits to both the participants involved.

Ebitinvest.com - Affiliate Program

Anyone who has the skill necessary for online marketing and are ready to send traffic to this service will get an attractive commission of 10% of the deposit amount each investor puts forth. Bear in mind the fact that the affiliates are not the investors of the scheme, they are making money only by referring people to this service which they are not a part of, the level of conflict of interest is unethical and intolerable.

Domain Whereabouts

Thanks to whois.com we found the following details about this domain.

Registration Date – 18/03/2015

Expiration Date – 18/03/2019

Registrant Details

Address – 2416 NW Blue Ridge Dr, Seattle, WA, US

Postal Code – 98177

Phone – +1 516 387 2248

According to Alexa Traffic ranks this website gets more than 1 million visitors on a monthly basis and has a global rank of 1,634,428.

Is eBitInvest a Scam ?

A viral ripoff,

If anyone wants to know how a scam platform looks and functions like then this one is the perfect example. Even the testimonials they have put up are all bogus and the sole reason for featuring this is to instill certain degree of trust among the clients. In order to give you a true perspective of this horrible scam, see what the real investors and clients of this firm are telling about them on Bitcointalk.org.

Dear Friends

My self Daxesh Khatri.. I am from the India. I invested bitcoin in your website amount is 0.01 Bitcoin…my investment amount is not shown in the list of investment. when it will show in the list… I am sending receipt of the payment..

This is my 4th mail to you & I try your both number number is below

USA  +1 (206) 552-7469 ( Call rejected )
UK   (+44) 203 514 1872 ( Not Reachable)

this is my own case ebitinvest really scammer

Kind Regards,
Daxesh Khatri

eBitInvest Review Conclusion

eBitInvest is not a firm involved in trading cryptocurrencies but they have perpetuated a ponzi scheme around that. Their revenue is not dependent on the actual market movement, it depends on the number of participants.

They are basically using the loop created by constant deposits and withdrawals wherein the former is greater than later in value to pay the clients. Once they reach a point in which they are unable to keep the momentum going then they will vanish into thin air with all your money.

Have you lost money to eBitInvest.com? Feel free to share your experience with us by leaving a comment.


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