Fin Silk Review - Scam Review
Fin Silk ( is supposedly an asset management company led by self proclaimed successful analysts who have decades of experience in the markets. They are said to build portfolio on behalf of the investors which yields returns up to 97% after 9 days.

If you have been a trader or investor long enough then you can already tell that claims are outrageous and unrealistic. By the time we finished our investigation we were sure about the nature of their business and the fraudulent factors put up by them was just plain tedious.

Read our full review which will walk you through their platform and show you the reasons to avoid them.

Company and Support

Markets are one of the most lucrative and enticing ways of making money but this industry is filled with scams which restlessly pounces upon innocent investors and loot them shamelessly. To avoid retail clients lose money laws have been laid down for asset management company, if they fail to comply then they will get their licenses revoked.

Fin Silk represents an ICO wherein people are required to commit their funds for some period of time and in return they are promised certain amount of fixed profits. This asset management company is not regulated by FCA thereby it falls within the category of scams.

Even the person in charge of this platform is least bothered about providing the clients with details regarding their legal apparatus. This firm has put up a lot of various ways of contacting them. However know that many investors have expressed their frustration about their poor customer support and the time they take to reply you back in case you needed any assistance.

Address – Fin Silk Inc, Panama City, Republic of Panama, Global Bank Tower, 50th Street-15th Floor

P.O. Box – 082303969

Phone – 507 2900768

Email –

Fax – 507 2608735

How does Fin Silk work ?

Apart from the fact that this company has supposedly hired trading professionals to handle the investments there is no other narration provided by them. The few names provided appears to be pseudo names because we could not find any relevant information about the persons they mentioned.

Trading is undeniably one of the best way to earn money but it has a steep learning curve. An analytical approach is necessary to pick out the type of trading setups one might take and to have the risk reward ratio in our favor. Unless a strategy is developed, any individual is guaranteed to lose all his capital to the markets.

In fact retail traders losing is so common that there is a term called as 90 90 90 phenomena which means 90% of the traders lose 90% of their capital within 90 days. Moreover they have not talked a thing about there risk parameters and precautions they have employed.

In case if you were wondering they haven’t provided any performance report either. Since there is no supporting evidence to their story we will never take a chance with them.

Plans and Returns Advertised

Before taking a look at the structure of their investment plans and the returns they have to offer know that they are all illusions. The kind of targets they are aiming for is not only difficult to achieve but also is nothing short of a miracle to sustain it.

Always remember when it comes to markets enormous gains within short time frame is highly unlikely to happen.

Portfolio 1

Revenue – 17%

Period – 3 Days

Min. Deposit – $10

Portfolio 2

Revenue – 39%

Period – 5 Days

Min. Deposit – $50

Portfolio 3

Revenue – 68%

Period – 7 Days

Min. Deposit – $250

Portfolio 4

Revenue – 97%

Period – 9 Days

Min. Deposit – $500

Affiliate Program

Customers or clients are the fuel which keeps every business going and without them it is only a matter of time before it closes down. The affiliates gets 4% commission of the cumulative deposit made by the people they have referred to this service. - Affiliate Program

Their referral program has many legs meaning they do resemble a pyramid scheme. As always the promoters need not have an active account to get their revenue share.

Is Fin Silk a Scam ?

A simple scam,

Majority of the information they have on their platform is either made up by them or worse lies. If you check out their About Us page they have shown reasonable amount of information regarding their employees but the only problem is that they are all imaginary characters. We searched Google Wikipedia, social media sites based on that information and nothing relevant showed up.

The lack of clarity along with these sort of outrageous lies are all pretty common on fake platforms. We advice everyone to never indulge with any investment firm which blatantly refuses to share all the details concerning their legality like this firm does.

Complaints We Received

On October 25, 2023, we received the following complaint from a person who reported losing $2560:

I have invested money on and a few other websites, but unfortunately, I have not received any returns on my investments. I am looking for advice or steps to take in resolving this issue and securing my investments. Thank you.

Fin Silk Review Conclusion

Fin Silk is just another online fraud which has already scammed a lot of investors. They are bound to get shut down in the near future because of the way their scheme works i.e. ponzi scam.

Since all ponzi schemes are unable to sustain, sooner or later it will take a lot of clients money with them. Never place your money on firms like these which has nothing but preposterous schemes to offer.

Have you lost money to Feel free to share your experience by commenting below.


  1. Otunla temidayo davies

    Fuck u people…scam company holding my withdrawal over a month

  2. waqas ahmad

    this site is scam my withdraw amount of 516$ is still in pending for more than two weeks the even not replying through phone or email the give profit and reales withdrawal for small amounts like under 50 to 70$ when you cross the amount of 100$ then they capture your amount and it shows in withdrawal amount and been there forever they will not realease so be aware from this site its scam and fraud

  3. Rashid Ayiku

    This is so true I have been having a pending issue for days now when I was only alerted to sit for just 48hours… It’s been 5hours now. And have lost my 80$

  4. Asare

    No loss yet. All payments have been successful

  5. Stephen

    This site is a scam site, don’t invest. I have lost 690$. My withdrawal requested is still pending in there. When u invest small amounts u will get it but when it goes up they will lock ur hard earn money. Pls stay away from this site.

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