MyZyncTech Review - Scam Review

MyZyncTech ( is a crypto trading bot which supposedly has high winning rate which enables its users to profit from the market without having to go through the charts all the time.  Their concept is similar to that of a MT4 EA but in this case they are focusing exclusively on cryptocurrencies only as they have volatility unlike any other financial instrument.  

Subtle is the word which perfectly describes their platform but do not jump into conclusion quickly.  There is a lot of mystery surrounding this bot and in this review we are going to unravel them all while making sure that you are well informed about this product before making the purchase.

How does MyZyncTech Work?

The fundamental problem every new or experienced trader faces in the market is going through all the chart setups every time and constantly checking the news outlets.  Though the markets are open 24 hours a day it is very hard to keep track of the pair movements across all timeframe to find the optimal entry and exit points.

This software aims to solve this problems by detecting certain setups on auto-pilot and alerting the traders so that they do not have to stay glued to the screens and news at the same time but rather get alerts only when an opportunity is present.  

This platform states that they help traders make easy, fast, simple and effective way but they have not talked anything about the actual strategy they have incorporated.  We do not know the exact parameters or patterns which influence the trading decision of this algorithm.

The accuracy rate of the robot is neither mentioned nor assured.  On the other hand the users are given control over setting and customizing the input parameters to make the software show relevant signals and trades only.  The take profit and maximum loss can be tweaked to match your risk appetite.


Returns a robot can potentially generate cannot be guaranteed by any software regardless of what kind of success rate it had in the back-testing, the historical data and the past performance does not guarantee the gains.  Since uncertainty is a part and parcel of trading it literally is impossible to quote any price on the profits and loss.

This bot offers 3 packages wherein as a rule of thumb more features are present in the expensive packages.  The following features are available in all the packages which are as follows.

  • Fast Setup
  • Binary Residual
  • Advancementer Rank
  • Leadership Pool
  • Additional Incentives
  • Bot Membership

Basic Plan

Cost – $300

Validity – 4 Months

Intermediate Plan

Cost – $600

Validity – 8 Months

Professional Plan

Cost – $1,200

Validity – 12 Months

Domain Popularity

Based on the information we found on we know that this domain was registered on 30/03/2018 and it expires on 30/03/2019.  The contact details of the owners are not featured anywhere as they use WhoisGuard service.

Though this service claims to have nearly 4,000 clients the facts points otherwise.  According to alexa metrics this website stands at 13,987,135 globally. If they really had so many users then they would have been getting huge traffic, they have bluffed about their user base which is apparently in order to seem like a big and reputable organization in front of the visitors.

Can I Trust MyZyncTech?


Most of the legitimate solutions give either free trial period or demo account testing to the traders so that they can get started with the software and experience the performance first-hand.  Since this anonymous robot does not do anything alike the other alternatives plus it as a steep price tag, ask yourself is it worth $300? - Testimonials

If this software was really as effective as they claim to be then why are they selling it instead of making millions for themselves?  You might have noticed that there are quite a few testimonials on their website but since no social media profiles are attached to them there is no way to verify if they are from real users.

MyZyncTech Review Conclusion

MyZyncTech is a trading bot which does not instill much confidence among the traders which is due to the lack of information.  If it comes up with more detailed explanation then it would definitely be beneficial for all the users but as of writing this review it still stays in the grey area.  

When it comes to buying any type of expensive trading related software do not be impulsive but rather wait for hard confirmation from other users unless you are experimenting with a small amount.

Have you used MyZyncTech Robot?  Is it profitable? Share your results by commenting below.


  1. hrabini

    I have had this bot running now for about 5 days the goal is to have many small transactions. return is at about 4% which is not the 12% i was shown using their bots (upto 25 can be set up with x3 transactions per day per bot). They have let me copy their bots and i have been running their set up for the past 6 hours, still no change in frequency of transactions. 9am 10-18-18

  2. HRabini

    I have had the Robot operating for about 5 days now, returns around 3%-4 % no where near the 12% return I was seeing on their bot. However they shared with me the specs of their bots and I am running them now for about 6 hours. The whole idea is to have many small transactions, but this has been elusive so far as of 9am 10-18-18. Update in near future.

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