Review – Intelligent Scammers! advertises itself as an automated investment solution designed for retail traders. They supposedly generate as much as 80% returns on a daily basis, but just like we anticipated they don’t have any sort of credible evidence to back up their claims. If you have a reasonable understanding of the financial markets, then you can already spot the flaws on their platform and chances are you will never associate with these crooks.

Sadly, there are a lot of naive people who don’t have a clue about the markets and those people are the ones who lose money to platforms like this one. Making money through trading requires a lot of skills and it is not something you can master in a short amount of time.

Even if you manage to find a proven strategy, the drawdowns will be present and the risk just can’t be eliminated completely. So, don’t fall for the easy money claims, and to know everything about this fraud organization, continue reading our full review. Review

The company, Legal Status, and Support

Most of the countries have strict laws around the financial sector. After all, ensuring the safety and security of the investors is the main goal of all government authorities around the world. However, the fraud organization keeps on coming up with new and creative ways to transfer money from innocent victims to their pockets. So, one of the easiest ways to avoid getting tangled with services like that is by making sure that you only deal with regulated entities.

This platform, though it claims to be a broker and an investment firm, it doesn’t feature any legal documents. Just to be safe, we ran a search and as anticipated we didn’t find any relevant information. The facts clearly prove that this firm is operating illegally and the owners will get caught for their crimes in the near future. On their website, they feature a telephone number and an email address, but the only way to get a reply from them is through email.

Their unjust behavior shows the extent they are ready to go in order to maintain a low profile and sadly it seems to be working. Do not expect any professional way of handling from them and know that they will only interact with you until you make a deposit. Once they have your money, you will never get a reply from them for any reason.

How Does Function?

The actual trading strategy of this firm is unknown. Their platform contains a lot of information about the general principles of trading, but the available data is not completely unique or valuable. You can find much better information about the markets just by googling things instead of relying on that material. On their homepage, we found a few details about their account managers. Bogus User Profiles

However, our enthusiasm was short-lived, because they used stock images with fake user profiles to manipulate the public. Creating fake background stories and making exaggerated claims are the common signs of a scam and this one has them all. Trading any market is all about numbers, parameters, and risk management.

Since this one doesn’t reveal any information about it, depositing it with them will certainly be disastrous for the clients. After all, no one can make consistent returns and achieve financial freedom by being lazy and clicking a few buttons, right?

Account Types and Profits

There are 4 main account types wherein the returns range from 20% to a mind-blowing 80% per day. According to the numbers they portray, if you invest as low as $500 with them, then you are guaranteed to be a billionaire within a few years. If getting rich was that easy, then poverty would never exist and as far as their narrative is considered, they are obviously bluffing.

Their main goal is to capture the attention of the newbies and sell them their ridiculous packages. Once they have got your money, then they will never respond to you and the worse part is, you won’t be able to do anything about it.


On their website, we found a number of cherry-picked testimonials wherein the clients expressed their gratitude towards this company. At first glance, these comments might appear genuine to the untrained eyes and it also creates a strong sense of being in a community. Unfortunately, that is not the reality and the comments are all from bogus profiles with random images attached to them. Fake Testimonials

Creating fake testimonials or client feedback is highly unethical and this kind of manipulation is the main reason as to why you shouldn’t believe anyone online especially when it involves money. Hopefully, now you understand the psychological tactics employed by scammers and we strongly recommend you to stay away from any platform which displays that kind of traits.

Expert Trade Reviews

On July 5, 2023, we received the following complaint:

I was coerced by an external agency to purchase USDT on Eventually, I realized that this agency, which calls itself IDC, was engaging in a scam by requesting more and more money from me. Consequently, I decided to cease my involvement. Subsequently, I attempted to withdraw the funds from the trading platform (expertrade), but I was informed that I needed to pay a fee of 65 USDT in order to do so. In my wallet, I still see a balance of 328.2 USDT. Review Conclusion is obviously a Ponzi scheme that will shred the investors financially. As long as their marketing team is finding enough participants, their firm will be operational, but once they run out of steam, they will flee away overnight. So, don’t be tempted by high numbers, because they always carry huge risks and stick with only the licensed and regulated firms. 

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