Fxcryptohome.com Review – Con Platform!

Fxcryptohome.com is an alleged binary options broker and investment firm which supposedly helps people earn passive income. Their platform showcases the details of their founders, but do not fall for that gimmick, because during our investigation all the profiles shown were proved to be stock images. Bluffing about their true identity and creating false narratives around themselves is the common traits of a scam and this one flaunts them all.

The law has been very strict around the financial sector, but as the new instruments are introduced to the markets, the authorities just cannot update to it in an instant and that gap is the one exploited by the crooks. Passive income is something which attracts everyone, but do remember that if it sounds way too good to be true, then it probably isn’t worth checking it out for any reason.

After all, capital preservation is the key to long term profits. As far as this firm is considered, go through our review to know their true business model and the reasons as to why you should never interact with a so called investment solution.

Fxcryptohome.com Review

Company, Team and Customer Support

The law around the financial sector is way stricter than it used to be and in order to raise money from the public, a firm should be regulated and should adhere to various guidelines. As a result of measures taken by the government to educate the investors, the number of scams have gone down exponentially, but it is not completely eradicated yet.

This firm does not share any of their legal documents on their website. Moreover, they claim to accept people from all over the world, but somehow their details are not found in any of the databases. So, given their desperate attempts to appear like a legit organisation, it is clear that they want to loot their clients and if caught they will face criminal prosecution.

We found a few images of their founders on their website. At first, they might seem genuine and it might make the newbies inclined towards trusting them, but do not take any impulsive decision. We checked the details provided by them and found out that they are just a bunch of stock photos with fake user profiles. In short, the real identity is still a mystery and they are trying their best to conceal themselves to avoid getting arrested.

As far as their support team is considered, they only communicate via email with the public. Though they provide a telephone number, it appears to be out of order. Tracking them via email is a lot difficult and that kind of behaviour proves that they have no ethical values.

How does Fxcryptohome.com Work?

Fxcryptohome.com claims to be involved in binary options trading and bitcoin mining. The sectors mentioned by them are not easy to crack and they carry a huge amount of risk. Theoretically speaking, their ideas have enough room for profit, but the main issue with them is the narration part. This firm does not thoroughly explain their activities and that is not a welcoming sign in our books.

The strategy they use is unknown and the performance report or the trading history which would back up their claims are not published on their website. So, there is no way to verify their alleged accomplishments and without tangible evidence, depositing with them will be like financial suicide. Moving on to the bitcoin mining scenario, the details put up by them is not convincing enough.

For starters, we don’t know the location of their mining farms and the equipment they are using is not specified. The maintenance cost is also unknown and we don’t have any clue about their risk management measures. Since they are not able to answer any of the questions above, they clearly are not the one you should trust.

Account types and Profits

There are 4 types of accounts offered by them wherein the differentiating factor is the upfront capital. Obviously, just like every other fraud network, they make people spend more for so called quicker returns. The clever aspect about their investment plans is that they never commit to any kind of outcome and they just simply push the false narrative.

Fxcryptohome.com Account Types

We all know that making money without getting stuck in a job is something we want, but whenever someone uses that story to sell you a product or service online, be very cautious. After all, there is no such thing as a shortcut to wealth and if someone claims to show you a path to the top, usually there will be a catch. The markets always change and unless you understand the mechanics behind that and adjust accordingly, you will never make consistent returns and that is an undeniable fact.


We found a bunch of positive client feedback on their website. All the alleged clients talked about how this platform helped them to make enormous amounts of money online. The funny thing about them is that all the user profiles didn’t have any images attached to them. So, that means we can’t verify the identity of the clients and keeping in mind things we discussed above, we certainly aren’t foolish enough to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Looks like the creators of this firm are employing persuasive tactics and creating a sense of social validation to earn the trust of the investors. Under any circumstance, do not fall for their tricks and even if they try to offer you any kind of bonuses or custom packages, walk away from it or else you will get scammed.

Fxcryptohome.com Review Conclusion

Fxcryptohome.com is a confirmed fake investment firm which is blatantly looting money from the innocent and naive investors. They have a short life span and given the way they are operating, the law agencies might shut them down sooner than we can imagine. Either way, the chances of getting your funds back from them once you deposit is slim and that’s why you should never indulge with them in the first place.

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