Review – Confused Illegal Scheme is a misleading and desperate investment firm which supposedly helps people earn upto 7% daily. They are said to be active in different sectors, but somehow miraculously there isn’t any way to verify any of their alleged involvement. Moreover, the only payment method accepted by them is bitcoin which means tracking them is almost next to impossible.

Obviously, as expected they don’t hold proper legal certificates and their entire business model is illegal. On their website, they boast about being involved with agriculture, but their narrative part does not contain any information and that in simple words is just another dead end and a bluff. Vast majority of newbie investors sadly do not have necessary knowledge when it comes to identifying fraud platforms like this one and that makes them perfect victims.

Online investing and cryptocurrency are ever green sectors and if you know what you are doing, then you can make a fortune. However, do not assume that you will get rich by just clicking a few buttons on your computer. To know all the reasons as to why you need to avoid this fraud platform, continue reading our detailed review. Review

Company, Licenses and Customer Support

The scammers and the law agencies have been fighting for a long period of time, but sadly despite the measures taken, the crooks continue to thrive. One of the best ways to stay safe from any kind of shady projects or networks is by making sure that they are regulated, because regulation will protect you from any kind of malpractices for the maximum extent. This platform offers high risk investment opportunities and raises money from the public to fund their ideas.

So, they have to be regulated or else they will face criminal prosecution. We ran a thorough check on the firm and as it turns out they are not recognised by any authorities even though they accept people from all over the world. Clearly, this company is in violation of law and given their legal status if you make the mistake of trusting them, then it will cost you a lot of time and money.

Almost all of the investment firms provide contact information to enable the smooth communication between themselves and the clients. This platform operates in a completely different manner and they don’t even have the courtesy to provide any telephone or email assistance. Their attempt to operate from the shadows is very obvious and that is a big old red flag which shouldn’t be ignored. Operational Model claims to make money from bitcoin mining, forex trading and by investing in agricultural products. All the niches mentioned by them are liquid and they carry huge potential, but it is not easy to find an edge in them. We searched the nook and corner of their website to find any narratives about their operational model and surprisingly, they haven’t mentioned anything. Investing in any sector requires careful processing of strategies, risk management methods and back tests.

Since this platform doesn’t provide any data or verifiable evidence to back up their statements, how can we even think about indulging with them? On top of all the confusion, the names of the fund managers and their regulatory status are also hidden from the public.

The kind of behaviour exhibited by them is beyond anything we have seen and it also proves that they are professional crooks who will go to any length to convince you otherwise. Moving on to the bitcoin mining part, it isn’t a completely risk free way of making money like these frauds portray.

As retail investors, it is very hard to make considerable returns from mining as the entire landscape of the business has changed. Given the current condition, competition and rising costs, the chances of earning huge revenue is slim and if you make one tiny mistake, it might end up making a dent in your bank account.

Investments and Profits

There are two types of investment plan on this platform wherein the returns advertised range from 3% to 7% daily. To many newbies, numbers like this might sound achievable and you might think you have found the holy grail. However, that is not the hard core reality. Making 7% ROI daily is not at all achievable or even sustainable and anyone who says otherwise either doesn’t know the markets or they don’t have your best interest in mind.

Luring people in using big claims and promising them instant riches are the common tactics used by many crooks. So, learn to recognise their traits and regardless of how good their offer might sound, never give them the benefit of the doubt. After all, their sole intention is to loot you and if you indulge with them for long, it is bound to happen.

Fake Testimonials

On the bottom section of their website, there is information about the recent updates of the alleged active clients. The funny thing about their presentation is that it only showcases winners and after searching the whole row, we didn’t find any losing trades. Given the facts we have discussed so far in this review, it is no brainer that they are obviously bluffing about their performance and the user profiles they showcase are obviously fake. Fake Data Stream

These scammers are just playing mind games with the potential investors and are using social validation to encourage the viewers to deposit with them, this kind of gimmicks are highly immoral to say the least. Hopefully, now you understand the reasons as to why you shouldn’t believe random comments online. Review Conclusion is a 100% confirmed fraud organisation which is looting the public by building fake narratives around the financial sector. They don’t have anything to do with the derivative instruments and are clearly following the ponzi operational model. As soon as they have made enough money for themselves, they will obviously disappear and the likelihood of them getting caught by law is unfortunately slim to none. So, stay safe and don’t interact with them for any reason.

Have you lost money to scam platform? Feel free to share your findings and opinions with us by commenting below.

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  1. Engr Leth A.

    Hi! I am in search of any negative info about PrimeTradeOptions… I found them in Telegram with 8,300+ members and have been observing for two weeks now.

    I also placed a deposit 3 days ago to see if something will go wrong. I know its HYIP and I am also in track to bust scam HYIP companies.

    It’s kinda funny. The real rate I see on my dashboard is actually 20% and the CEO sometimes posted 26%, they said, if they made a good trade. The 3% to 10% you see on their website was the old rate. They never wanted to update the site and not minding if the site looks unprofessional as a trading company.

    In the chatroom, they admitted they are NOT Licensed Company… they are just group of 10 traders
    helping out. Infact, people are allowed to withdraw capital at anytime they needed it badly and reminding all members every now and then that they can do so freely.

    I the Telegram group, I don’t see any negative or complain posted by members. I see them very systematic in responding to concerns, like wrong crypto address, double account. etc.

    One member, I found is from the Philippines, who was a member since September. I was able to chat to her. She said, her home mortgage got paid because of PTO.

    One more thing… the max deposit allowed is only $6K. And you will be refunded if you made a double account. The CEO is very pleasing to chat with.

    Anyway…. I am a retired engineer of the Armed Forces and again, still observing inside the chatroom & my dashboard.

    I will surely update you here.

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