Review – Bold Trading Scam is the new viral platform in the HYIP section which is causing chaos to many investors online. They claim to be a fully regulated crypto investment firm which supposedly should make you rich within a few days. While this kind of narrative is easily identifiable by the professional side of the financial sector, many newbies still fall for this trap.

There aren’t any names or personalities identified with this platform for obvious reasons which means we weren’t able to verify anything they say. To get a crystal clear idea about how this ponzi scheme works, stick with us till the end of the review. Review

Company, Legal Status and Customer Support

Regulation in general still has a lot to do when it comes to preventing the crooks who have a false narrative around cryptocurrency. For your own safety always make sure that you deal only with regulated exchanges and regardless of what benefits offshore entities might offer, understand that it’s not worth the risks involved.

This firm boldly feature an incorporation certificate on their platform. However, note that being registered and being regulated is not the same. We searched the database of the FCA and couldn’t find any information about this firm. So, it is clear that no regulatory authority has given them the authorization to raise money from the public. If the actual culprits get caught, they will have to face severe consequences.

We found more than a couple of contact details on their website, but since their phone numbers are not operational, email is the only option. Do not expect speedy replies from them and know that once you have sent them your funds, chances are they will block you. Below we have put the details, use them if you need to report them to the appropriate authorities.

Address – 30 Old Bailey, London, EC4M 7AU, UNITED KINGDOM

Phone – +44 20 80898723

Email – Business Model states that most of their cash flow comes from trading the most popular cryptocurrencies across various exchanges. In simple words, they are talking about the arbitrage principle which is very hard to comeby nowadays. Assuming that, they indeed use that approach, it is still impossible to make triple digits returns. We searched their website to see any data about their performance over the years and trading industry.

As it turns out, they have no evidence to back up their claims. Trading the cryptocurrency might be the hottest thing right now in the financial markets, but do not be under the impression that it’s easy. Just like all the professions a particular skill set is needed and without it, odds will be largely against you.

Ask yourself, if this firm was actually achieving the kind of numbers they portray, wouldn’t they use the so called secret strategy for their own benefit instead of offering it to the public for free?

Investment Plans

There are altogether 9 different investment packages available on their platform. The numbers they allegedly generate is jaw dropping and it ranges from 145% per day to 3,300% after 21 days. Any experienced trader or investor would laugh by seeing these claims because it is nothing more than a mere fantasy. Investment Plans

Cryptocurrencies in general has a lot of volatility when compared to other traditional assets, but even that asset class can’t deliver these types of profits. So, do not buy into their ideas and resist the temptations or else you might lose money to them.

Affiliate Program

This firm provides 6% flat commissions to all of the promoters. Nowadays, many HYIPs utilize the affiliate model to increase their reach and achieve their marketing goals within a short period of time. To motivate the promoters, they conduct contests and give many perks.

So, to benefit from these opportunities marketers create false narratives and even write fake reviews to misdirect the public. If you witness any positive reviews or testimonials about them, then understand that it is just a gimmick.

Domain Insights

Below we have listed few factors which helps our viewers identify the kind of target audience this firm is after. Source – and

Domain –

Registered On – 03/12/2019

Expiry – 03/12/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 237,799

Rank in Bangladesh – 2,506

Target Audience – Bangladesh, Iran and Russia Review Conclusions is a confirmed con and a ponzi scam which is already declared illegal in many countries. They create cash flow by using the new victim’s fund to pay the older clients while skimming as much as they can on top. The longevity of their scheme depends on their marketing capabilities. However, based upon their huge advertisements and growing complaints, looks like their end is in the near future.

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