Review – Bogus Software is a type of a mining program which allegedly generates upto 0.5 bitcoins a day. The users are required to register with them, use the CPU power to solve or decrypt the blocks and then enjoy the profits. In theory, everything they say sounds amazing and it is the perfect narrative to get the attention of the investors in this niche.

However, the reality just like always is not as easy as it seems and the real agendas of this platform is completely different. Crypto mining sector is crowded with tens of thousands of scams and the reason behind that is the lack of knowledge.

Moreover, as a new participant the available information on the internet might also overwhelm you or give you false impressions. So, resist all the temptations and go through our review which will update you regarding everything you need to know about this platform. Review

How does Work?

According to the fancy video on their platform, the users just have to run the software, put in some details and then out of thin air just like magic, bitcoins appear. The vast majority of investors and the public do not have a clear understanding of the blockchain. Many financially naive people still believe that cryptocurrency is their key to wealth. However, getting rich is not simple as that and it does require a ton of effort and proper research to choose a coin and perfectly time the markets.

Coming back to this software, it asks for all the confidential information at the time of registration and after you are done with the so called decryption, you also have to pay fees to them. If you are a crypto enthusiast, then you already know that mining through CPU is not as profitable as shown by this firm. Moreover, the wear and tear charges for the equipment used will also affect your net profits in a drastic manner.

Either way, know that this software is completely bogus and their only true intention is to take money from you in the name of miner’s fees. Once you pay them, you will never get it back and the random BTC rewards which you were shown on the screen will freeze. So, don’t get excited with their hacks and tricks, instead understand that they are coming up with ridiculous stories to lure you in and are profiting from cheating you blatantly. After all, there is no such thing as free lunch in the world, right?

Profits and Fees

There are no fixed profit claims made by this firm. However, they do promise around 0.5 BTC per day just by running their software on any laptop or personal computer. If their claims were real, then everyone could easily make 5 figures monthly without putting in any efforts. Unfortunately, reality is not that kind and their claims are obviously lies.

Mining if done correctly, then also the risks will be present and nowadays due to the rising cost and competition, it might not be worth your time unless you are starting with big enough capital. A few years back, many individuals and firms used to make considerable amounts of profits, but those days are gone and if anyone suggests otherwise, then they are most probably trying to cheat you.

Ask yourself, even if you were kind enough to give them the benefit of the doubt, why don’t they give a free trial of their software? Moreover, check any popular forum and you won’t find any information about them. If they really helped a lot of people earn money, then it should have created a ton of feedback on social media and other platforms, right?

Domain Insights

Thanks to and, we were able to list the important information about this website. However, know that the creators of this website have maintained a low profile and have completely covered up their tracts by masking their real identity.

Domain –

Registered On – 13/03/2019

Expiry – 13/03/2021

Alexa Global Rank – Not Listed

Audience – Currently Unknown Review Conclusion is not a mining solution. Everything they say about themselves is a fabricated lie and if caught, they will face criminal prosecution. If you indulge with them in any way, then you are not only putting your money at risk, but also your confidential information which might make a big dent on your bank account.

On their website they claim to offer a 30 day money back guarantee, but that is also not something you should trust. In short, turn down their offer and stay away from them or else they will get your money through one way or the other.

Do you have any personal experience with How would you describe them? Feel free to share your opinion with our community by leaving a comment below.


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