Review - Scam Review is supposedly an investment company engaged in finances and trading activities. Their platform is somewhat convincing and they have managed to successfully delude newbie investors into trusting and depositing with them.

They promise returns of 300% per week, these numbers are lucrative but sadly unsustainable. As anticipated the creators behind this company haven’t left a clue about their whereabouts and their platform is as deceptive as one can get.

To learn how to identify pitfalls like this firm, check out our complete review which will give you a true insight of how this scheme works.

Licenses and Contact Details

Every firm which offers services which involves providing the retail investors with opportunities consisting of high risk/rewards should be overseen by the local regulatory authorities. is an ICO which offers contracts to the clients for specific amount of money and in return promise the investors some dollar figure amount after the pack expires.

When we did a little research concerning to the legitimacy of their operation unfortunately we couldn’t find a single legal document they should hold. All the investment firms operating i the UK are regulated by FCA but even they do not have any information about this platform.

On their website, these crooks have claimed that they are regulated and registered in UK. They have even featured registration document but just because they happen to have a certificate doesn’t make them legit.

Here are the contact details put up on their platform;-

Phone – +244 935636379

Email –

Address – street 44, fena green 3

As you can see from the above address they have revealed only half of the information . Isn’t that not skeptical ?

How does work ?

This company states that it has helped a lot of investors earn significant return on investment and the funds are handled by anonymous and self proclaimed experienced traders. Funny thing about their narration is that they have not stated which assets they trade.

Seems like these scammers are getting bored and lazy day by day. From an investor prospective there isn’t much information to instill an ounce of confidence as they have not shared any details about their trading style and strategy.

Since inseparable element of trading such as risk diversification and money management rules are not discussed, we hardly believe that this firm has anything to do with trading.

Investment plans

Any financial instrument are an asset class has volatility which provides opportunities for both traders and investors. Though these fraudsters do not specific which asset they are trading by looking at the investment plans, we know for a fact that no markets can generate the type of returns stated regularly.

Plan 1 – 5% Daily for 10 Days

Plan 2 – 5.50% Daily for 5 Days

Plan 3 – 5% Hourly for 25 Hours

Plan 4 – 11% Daily for 30 Days

Plan 5 – 15% After 28 Hours

Plan 6 – 11% After 28 Hours

Plan 7 – 210% Weekly for two weeks

Plan 8 – 101% After 1 Week


On their platform they state that they have a client base of 82 investors which might be true. When we searched about the details of this website on, we came to know that they rank 444,465 in Russia and has a global rank of 3,852,005. The majority traffic this website gets are from Russia and Ukraine. - User Base


From the information we gathered through we know that this domain was registered on 11/08/2018 and expires after one year. As expected their registrant details are unavailable.

Referral program

The primary motive behind every ponzi scheme is to make money. To grow their revenue ladder these crooks offer a level 4 referral program which is another fancy name for pyramid scheme wherein they reward individuals with huge incentives whenever they refer investors to this platform. - Referral Program

The affiliates promoting this nasty scheme gets a commission of around 7% of the revenue earned by this company through an investor they bought on board. Like most fraud platforms this firm also does not require the promoters to hold an active account so they are basically carrying no risk.

Deposit and Withdrawals

The basic investment plan starts at $10 and tops out at $50,000. The payment methods supported by this company are Perfect Money and Bitcoin.

The FAQ section of this website does not reveal whether there are any fees applicable on transactions the time period required for them to process withdrawals is not mentioned.

Is a scam ?

A tricky one,

This service appears to be designed specially for newbie traders and they have given enough attention to details required to appear trustworthy in front of most every day people. If this firm was indeed capable of delivering the promises then why are they refusing to share detailed information or provide demo accounts ?

It is because they make their money not from trading but by looting investors such as yourself. All the factors on their platform resembles the characteristics of a ponzi scheme which you do not want to be a part of. Review Conclusion

Whenever an opportunity of making easy money which is also automated is being presented to you make sure that instead of acting impulsively check the legitimacy of the company. Imagine a scenario wherein a person as really found out a way to make huge amounts of cash then why would he reveal his secrets that too for free ?

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