Review – Advanced Ponzi Scam! claims to be a sophisticated investment platform which covers the entire crypto niche. They portray themselves to be an active participant in mining and trading the major cryptos. However, they haven’t provided an ounce of evidence to back up anything they say.

The team behind this platform is anonymous and they do not have any history or regulatory status. So, if you send them money, then it will be an incredibly difficult task to get it back. This platform clearly employs all the unethical ways of marketing and doing business which are also illegal.

To know how these crooks scam the innocent people interested in the cryptocurrency sector, keep reading our review. Review

Legality, Certificates and Support

An investment firm or vehicle has to follow a lot of strict guidelines which involves acquiring appropriate licenses. All the fund managers are required to have advisory licenses and should have impressive track record. This platform does not take anything about these aspects and they do not even have the courtesy to showcase the names of their employees.

Since this firm accepts people from every country, they have to be regulated by agencies like FCA and FTC. However, when we ran a background search, there was no information about this firm on any of the databases. So, know that this firm is a confirmed con and the people running them is bound to face the law sooner or later.

If you are thinking about tracing them out using their contact details, then it will be difficult. The only mode of communication they use is email and it makes it almost impossible to trace them out.

How does Work? is supposedly involved in trading and mining cryptocurrencies. Their website features various short clips about bitcoin from major news outlets. There are a lot of general information about the benefits of cryptocurrency to the economy and the way it works. However, they haven’t talked about their personal strategy or about the statistics.

Each and every trading approach have their own win rate and drawdowns, but without knowing it, how can they expect us to trust them? The buzz around the financial markets will always lure in new participants, but do not get involved in it unless you understand the fundamentals. After all, knowledge and patience are your best friend in the markets.

Returns promised

There are 4 investment plans currently offered by this firm. The profits promised by them range from 2% to 6% per day. For newbies, the number might seem achievable.However, that is certainly not the case. If anyone on planet Earth was able to sustain them, then he or she would be the richest people forever and would certainly won’t give away the formula for free. Plans

A wave of millionaires who got their wealth through cryptos since last year have amazed the public. Unfortunately, not every day is Sunday and whenever you come across get rich quick methods, you should always exercise precaution.

Domain Details

Due to the shortage of data, we weren’t able to pinpoint the demographics of this website and the information about the owners of this domain is also unavailable. Below are the general information about this website.

Domain –

Registered On – 29/07/2019

Expiry – 29/07/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 9,762,866

Final Words on is undoubtedly a ponzi scheme which creates cash flow from utilising the deposits from the new victims to pay out the old ones. For a short while, things might appear good and they might gain some trust. However, ultimately it will fall to pieces and will fade away with all the cash. So, do not be a part of this platform or else it will burn a hole in your pocket.

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