Instant Luno Review – Epitome of Fraud!

Instant Luno is an alleged ultimate forex trading solution which has a long track record of being successful. They advertise profit percentage which tops out at 300% after 3 days. These kind of numbers are exciting, but sadly they are unreal.

Moreover, this firm seems to be under the control of professional frauds. Many beginners might be attracted to their platform and fake presentations, but before you send them your money, go through our review.

We have collected a ton of information about these shameless scammers and presented in a format which will help you take an informed decision. Instant Luno Review

Company and Support Information

All the firms which operate in the UK and is finance related should hold proper legal documents. Though this firm claims to be licensed, they are not. We carried a thorough check about their details on the database of the FCA and there is no clue about them.

So, it clearly means that they are bluffing about the legality aspect. Moreover, they are already in direct violation of many laws and are bound to get caught in the near future.

If you want to get in touch with their support team or want any kind of assistance, then it’s a dead end. The customers can reach support team via email and support form only.

So, ask yourself isn’t it strange for a firm which boasts of generating 300% ROI every 3 days to operate without providing telephone assistance? Note that, your emails will be entertained as long as you are willing to give them your money.

Once, they have complete control over the funds, you will be blocked from their platform. The contact information they have featured are as follows.

Address – Oakfield House, Perrymount Rd, Haywards Heath RH16 3BW, UK

Email –

Instant Luno Operational Model

They states that, this firm was created to assist traders to make consistent returns without putting hours of research. We all know that making money without doing anything is too good to be true. However, there are still a lot of newbies who believe in these kind of fairy tales.

They have not shared any of the details about their trading history or methodology and we do not have any idea about what indicators they use. Since the provided information is too little, how can any experienced trader even justify trusting them to handle the funds?

Moreover, the names of the traders are also unknown. Day trading is a profession and it has its own set of rules.

Never think about trading as a miracle way of making money, instead know that only scams make it seem like that. If you desire to be a successful trader, then education about the financial markets is something you should master.

Returns Advertised

The investment plans offered by these crooks supposedly generates up to 300% after 3 days. If these kinds of returns were anywhere near the realm of reality, then we would all be rich.

Unfortunately, these numbers are statistically unsustainable and if anyone tells you otherwise, then run away in the opposite direction. Check out there investment plans, they are outright ridiculous.

24 Hour Plan

Returns – 120%

Period – 1 Day

Minimum Deposit – $10

48 Hour Plan

Returns – 140% to 200%

Period – 2 Days

Minimum Deposit – $100 to $1000

72 Hour Plan

Returns – 300%

Period – 3 Days

Minimum Deposit – $5000

Referral Program

Creators of this platform are paying enormous amount of cash to the promoters. This is why there are so many positive content towards them on the internet. Basically, if anyone is pushing you to invest with them, then he or she is benefitting from it.

Moreover, they are intentionally misleading you to make quick money. Beware about the fake network of review sites and as a rule of thumb if any investment solution is not regulated, then it’s not worth the risk.

Domain Whereabouts

The owner’s identity of this domain were masked, but our search operation did find the following details with the help of and

Domain –

Registrar –, Inc

Registered on – 07/03/2019

Expiry – 07/03/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 13,015,532

Fake Narratives

There is an entire section showcasing the alleged deposit and withdrawal transactions on their website. If you are a regular reader of our blog, then you already know that is is just a gimmick. Instant Luno Fake Narrative

Many scams till date showcase these kind of cheap tricks only to lure you in and convince you into thinking that they are some kind of big institution which has huge reputation. However, in reality they are just a bunch of frauds. In some rare cases they might have processed few withdrawals, but at the end of the day it is still an illegal business.

Instant Luno Review Conclusion

Instant Luno is a confirmed fraud which will annihilate all of the investors money. They appear to follow ponzi operational model which means their true cash flow is dependent of their marketing skills. Due to the fundamental flaw of their model, they will crash in the near future.

Regardless of what kind of hype they create, be in your senses and never give them a chance to make money by exploiting your greed. After all, there is no substitute for hard work.

Do you have any experience with Feel free to comment below.


  1. scambitcoin

    Please do not invest in and because they are only 1 company and they are a BIG INVESTMENT SCAM. You can never withdraw a big amount there. Thank you.

  2. Victim

    Please do not invest in and because they are only 1 company and they are a BIG SCAM COMPANY. Do not ever trust this kind of INVESTMENT SCAM. Thank you.

  3. Help

    I beg you guys. DO NOT INVEST in that is a BIG SCAMMED. They SCAMMED me almost $2,000 and I always follow their conditions to deposit before I can withdraw my pending withdrawal but nothing happen. You can withdraw in the first conditions but in the next withdrawal you can received an email that says you need to claim your VIP OFFER worth $1,000 before you can withdraw. After I deposited all their conditions worth $220 for the activation and $300 for the 10% VAT. I can’t reached them through live chat. They did not reply me after my all deposited amount. They SCAM ME. I know GOD will give them a consequences for deceiving me and scammed me. I know God will provide me for my loan that I invested in Thank you very much guys. I am almost to kill my self because this is my first time that I scammed a big money.

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