CryptoTrader Review – Fake Bitcoin Robot

The claim here with this CryptoTrader app is that it has managed to turn 43 people into millionaires in under one year. If you did not already know, CryptoTrader software is an app designed to allow people to easily trade crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin. We are told that this allegedly awesome program can generate over $5,000 per day. This is not the only suspicious promise made by the crooks running the Cryptotrader scam. We found a whole lot of evidence which indicates that this trading software is a total scam and absolute rip-off.

CryptoTrader App & Dave Richmond

David Richmond is the man whom we are lead to believe is the owner and creator of this CryptoTrader scam app. He gives us some long winded story about how a trip up to a summer cabin with is uncle led to him creating this revolutionary trading service. How the two events are related is completely beyond us. In fact, it’s just some convoluted and nonsensical story meant to take the attention away from the real facts. The fact is that David Richmond is a scapegoat. He has nothing to do with this software, nor is his name David Richmond. He is just a paid actor meant to conceal the identities of the real scammers in charge of the CryptoTrader program.

CrptoTrader Profits

We are told that this program can generate over five thousand dollars per day for us. This is totally ludicrous, especially when we are only asked to invest a minimum of $250. This is totally impossible. Even more impossible is the claim that CryptoTrader software can make us a millionaire in under one year. This is just not doable with these kinds of systems.

CryptoTrader & Lots Of Disturbing Evidence

There is a lot of evidence which leads us to the conclusion that CryptoTrader software is a total scam.

  • All of the positive reviews about this service are sales oriented. None of the reviews are on independent sites and they certainly are not unbiased. All of the reviews directly advertise the CryptoTrader app. That is always a bad sign.
  • Another obvious sign that this is a money thieving scheme is that they advertise a false creation date. We are told that this app has been running for more than one year (43 millionaires in the last year), yet the website was only registered a few months ago.
  • All legit Bitcoin and BO sites list Cryptotrader software as being a scam. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, chances are very high that it is a scam.
  • The CryptoTrader website is hiding under a private registration name. The name is obviously falsified, but we cannot actually find out who actually registered the site. This is a very bad sign.
  • The broker being used for this service is neither regulated nor licensed. The people acting as brokers have absolutely no legal authority to do so.

CryptoTrader Scam Review Conclusion

The bottom line is that CryptoTrader software is undoubtedly a scam. Bitcoin can be very profitable, but not when you use a total bust of an app like this one.

Review Verdict: CryptoTrader is a SCAM!

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Important: Do NOT confuse with the legitimate crypto trading robot.

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