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Lazur Pro ( is a cryptocurrency mining platform which advertise returns of up to 7% per day. If you understand the basics of the blockchain technology and cryptos, you already know that, this claim is ridiculous.

This platform has excellent marketing skills which has made thousands of investors lose money to them. Moreover, they are illegal in the first place. You might be inclined towards trusting them because of their bag of deceptive tricks.

However, before you indulge with them, go through our review to understand the actual nature of this organisation. Lazur Pro Review

Company and Ownership

Lazur Pro claims to be based in UK. They have put up their address details, but that does not mean, they are legit. To gain the trust of the public, they have shown pictures of alleged owner and CEO. However, it is very clear that, they are all stock images. Lazur Pro Stock Image

Lying about their identity and incorporation are the common traits of a scam and this one is no different. Whenever you come across any incorporation certificate or alleged licenses, always conduct a background search, otherwise consequence may be severe.

The clients can reach the support team via telephone or email. Do not expect speedy replies from them as they are known to ignore client’s messages blatantly. Here are the contact details of this firm.

Address – Riverbank House, 1 Putney Bridge Approach, Fulham, London SW6 3JD, Great Britain

Phone – +44 20 7602 1992

Lazur Pro Business Model

This platform in simple words is a cloud mining solution. Their main goal is to provide an opportunity for the public to get hands on mining process without facing any difficulties. Though, in theory it sounds simple, it’s not profitable.

They provide some details about the location of their mining farms, but they are unverifiable. Moreover, there is no information about the equipment they employ or about the costs they incur.

Any rational investor would never dare to invest with them because of the sheer lack of transparency and data. Mining nowadays is a costly venture and unless you are strategic in your approach, chances of making profits are low.

In short, it might not be worth the hassle for the retail investors. So, regardless of the temptation to make easy money, never involve yourself with any process that you don’t fully understand.

Mining Plans and Returns

There are 10 types of mining contracts that are currently sold by them. The returns range from 1% per day to 7% per day. If you are a newbie, then these kind of numbers may impress you. However, know that they are impossible to achieve through mining.

These crooks are just taking advantage of people who have lack of knowledge regarding this sector and are profiting from it. Take a look at their popular plans, aren’t they too good to be true? Lazur Pro Investment Plans

Domain Insight

Here is a rundown about the whereabouts and key details of this domain. (Source – and

Domain –

Registered On – 31/08/2018

Expiry – 31/08/2019

Alexa Global Rank – 45,592

Rank in Russia – 7,591

Audience Geography – Russia, Pakistan, India, Iran and Brazil.

Referral Program

To gain as much clients as they can in the shortest amount of time, this platform offers referral program. Basically, they pay fat commission to anyone who is willing to drive investors on board.

The high cash incentives are the reason behind many of the fake reviews, this platform is getting online. If you see any positive reviews or comments with referral links, then do not entertain them.

Affiliates are just creating hype and misleading the public. After all, they do not have anything to lose, right?


There is a section on their website wherein they portray withdrawal screenshots and alleged social proof. Those stats which showcase huge client base are the deadliest trick of every scam.  

They are trying to manipulate you into thinking that, they are some sort of institution which has a credible track record. However, it is without a doubt a scam. Check out what people are telling about this platform on Beermoneyforum which is a popular website in this niche.

It’s a TOTAL SCAM. I didn’t receive my all four payments! And if you look closer they are with the same transaction number. It’s a scam allready! Change it to Scam Mr. B! I’m shure that soon they will close the fucking russian site. DON’T INVEST!!!
I invested 50 dollars here. What a waste of money! this site is fraud. I made the payment and I no longer have access to the site. support is not available.

Lazur Pro Review Conclusion

Lazur Pro is a pathetic scam which relies on the greed of the newbies to make money. They have no tangible proof to support their outrageous claims and the details about their whereabouts are also fake.

If you ever send them your funds, then consider it gone forever and since already they are in violation of law, there is literally nothing you can do about it. These criminals might approach you in a pleasing manner promising you royal road to the riches, but do not lose your touch with reality.

If you have any experience with Lazur Pro, We invite you forward to share them with us.




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