WealthFund.io Review

Wealthfund.io - Scam Review
WealthFund.io is an online investment company which claims to provide any individuals with a way to earn stable and reliable income through trading even if they have zero experience in the field. They are supposedly earning profits through Bitcoin and Forex trading.

When we did a complete check on the legitimacy of the firm and continued investigating their service we were taken aback from the number of disturbing factors. These fraudsters promise people 5% ROI per hour.

At first from newbie’s point of view it will not appear enormous but bear in mind that if you do the math it will add to 5% ROI every 10 hours which is in no way sustainable. Go through our review wherein we have discussed all the reasons as to why you should not indulge with them.

License and Contact Details

Financial markets has huge potential for earning money and is one of the most lucrative opportunity we have in our time. The dangers of investing with them is that in the past a lot of people soaked in greed have lost a major share of their revenue to either scams or have paid the price for not being knowledgeable while trading.

To keep things like these from happening regulatory authorities have laid down strict rules on the investment firm but still the problem persist. WealthFund.io represents an ICO in which the traders raise funds required for building crypto and forex portfolio from a number of private investors.

Each and every investors are supposed to get some return on investment depending upon the plan they chose. When we went through the database of FCA there wasn’t a single piece of information regarding this firm which proves that they are in violation of law and they will face criminal prosecution.

The con-artists behind this company also have failed to exhibit any of their certificates on their website which makes us more inclined towards believing that they are a fraud. Support team of this firm can be reached by a contact form or you can visit them at the address given below:-

Address – 79A Florence Road, London, SE14 6QL, Great Britain

How does WealthFund.io work ?

This company claims to give an equal opportunity for all their clients to make money from the comfort of their home by sending funds to them. They are supposedly involved in trading Bitcoin and Forex but the narration stops there and obviously we were not convinced by that.

Trading is a trillion dollar industry and majority of its participants lose money consistently. Unless an exact plan is designed defining the parameters of volatility, risk profiling and profit targets it is almost impossible to win consistently.

Since they have not shown any conclusive proof of their abilities or provided us with a detailed plan of action, how on earth can we believe them ? If trading was as easy as these crooks portray then why would they share their service with us instead of making a fortune for themselves?

Investment Plans and Profits

Forex market is one of the most liquid markets ever and cryptocurrency has enough volatility which will give you an exciting opportunity to earn by trading them each day. Remember knowledge is power and without that the whole account may crumble within few hours.

This platform offers 3 investment plans wherein returns capped at 5% per hour but know that they are just a bait to catch your attention and cannot be sustained for long.

Plan 1

Returns – 3% Hourly

Duration – 50 Hours

Min. Deposit – $5

Plan 2

Returns – 4% Hourly

Duration – 50 Hours

Min. Deposit – $5,000

Plan 3

Returns – 5% Hourly

Duration – 50 Hours

Min. Deposit – $10,000

Wealthfund.io - Fake Results

As you can see from the image above they promise to double your money every 50 hours once. At this rate you can become a millionaire in a matter of days but we all know that things like these doesn’t happen in reality.

Affiliate Program

Stream of innocent investors is what ponzi schemes like these feed on. To raise their revenue exponentially and grow at a faster pace, this firm offers an affiliate program. Any individual or group of marketers who help these fraudsters get more clients are rewarded with cash incentives.

Wealthfund.io - Affiliate Program

To make the work of promoters efficient and easy at the same time they are provided with exclusive promotional tools which enables better conversions. All the affiliates gets 7% of the cumulative deposits made by their referrals. It is not compulsory for the marketers and promoters to commit their funds to this scheme.

Domain Whereabouts

A whois.com search revealed that this domain was registered on 10/09/2018 and expires after a year. The registrant details are not shown for some reason.

Based on Alexa traffic rank metrics this website ranks 65,036 in Thailand and stands at 3,304,677 globally. Countries where this service has managed to gain noticeable amount of popularity are Thailand, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Is WealthFund.io a Scam ?

It most certainly is.

The first typical sign left them is that they haven’t put up any details of the management side of the company or their owners. Most of the business strive for transparency as it is the key to instill trust among the clients and appeal to more investors.

Moreover they do not even have the courtesy to provide trials or demo accounts like the legitimate services. All they are doing is manipulating mass audience into thinking that they can double or triple their money while leaving them high and dry once they have sent the money.

WealthFund.io Review Conclusion

WealthFund.io has no connection with trading. This company is not run by any professional traders, the actual people behind them are shameless creatures who are looting people in the name of the markets.

The whole business model is clearly a miserable ponzi scheme which might collapse anytime. Considering their awful platform along with the points discussed in this review we advice everyone to avoid investing into their scheme.

Have you been scammed by WealthFund.io? Share your story with us by leaving a comment below.


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