Splitt.co Review

Splitt.co - Scam Review

Splitt.co is a cloud mining solution which promises the clients returns all the way up to 4.7% per day.  They do have a considerably large user base but that factor alone is not enough to label them as anything.  Their platform is straight to the point and shows that they have put in some serious effort to make it user friendly and easy to use.  

While we investigated this services the risk outmatched all the potential benefits which is why we are publishing this review today. If you are on the fence trying to decide whether to deposit with them or not or want complete picture of how this enterprise works continue reading our complete review which will answer all your questions.

Company and Support

Regardless of what kind of economic activity it might be all the services which takes in people’s money in the name of investments have to get registered and regulated depending upon the law of the country they are situated in.  

Splitt.co represents an ICO, their core business model is to raise funds to expand and optimize their current holdings of the mining machinery and farms. The investors are promised daily rewards in the form of returns which is dependant upon the contract purchased by them.  

All the firms which operate in similar manner in the UK have to be regulated by the FCA but this one is not on their list which points out to the fact that they are not only an anonymously operated firm but also an illegal one.

Every business displays their certificates and licensing details on the homepage of their website because that shows to the potential investors about the transparency aspect which is appreciated by all.  This platform does not reveal any of the details regarding their company except their address.

If you happen to have any troubles on their platform then you can reach them only through a support form provided on their website.

Address – 72 Great Suffolk Street, London, United Kingdom, SE1 0BL.

How does Splitt.co Work?

Splitt.co is basically a cloud mining service.  Their operational model is that they own the hardware and the other crucial components of mining and issue contracts to the interested investors wherein the revenue derived will be shared with the clients in a predetermined manner.  

This might sound intriguing if you are a beginner but rest assured it it just a little learning curve. The problem with this service is that it lacks data at every step of their presentation. First of all they say that their data centres are located in Malaysia, Singapore, Nepal and Sweden but the exact location is not disclosed for some reason.  

We do not know what gives them an edge over the competitors and what are their margins? Given the history of many scams floating around in the name of mining we certainly do not recommend anyone to even consider them because of the lack of clarity when seem to incorporate a lot.

Earnings Promised

This platform offers variety of contract wherein the differentiating element is the returns predominantly but also there are some minor not so significant variables.  Returns they claim to generate are on the higher side and is not possible to generate them through mining. Have a look at these plans, isn’t it obnoxious?

Dynamic Cloud Mining

Returns – 2.64% Daily

Min. Deposit – 0.001 BTC

Max. Deposit – 25 BTC

Duration – 60 Days

Bare Metal Simplified

Returns – 3.5% Daily

Min. Deposit – 0.025 BTC

Max. Deposit – 50 BTC

Duration – 40 Days

ASIC Mining

Returns – 4.7% Daily

Min. Deposit – 0.5 BTC

Max. Deposit – 50 BTC

Affiliate Program

In Business the thumb rule when it comes to earning revenue is directly proportional to the number of customers.  This firm offers a multi level affiliate program which in some ways refer to the classic model of a pyramid scheme to encourage promoters to work with them.  

The base commission per every successful deposit made by the investors is 4% but these number can be further increased as there are tier 2 and 3 levels which can be unlocked by recruiting affiliates under them.  To keep their staff motivated they do give bonuses to the individuals who bring more people on board to this service and the promoters are not obligated to be an active investor or even purchase any of the plans.


Splitt.co currently ranks 29,796 globally and has currently secured a pot of 20,048 in Russia according to the alexa traffic rank metrics.  They have used paid advertising to increase their traffic and have also made used of pure ad networking sites like adbtc.top. Top 5 regions which constitutes the majority of their traffic are Russia, United States, Iran, Brazil and Taiwan.

Whois.com search revealed that this domain was registered on 04/04/2018 and it expires on 04/04/2023.  The important registrant contact details like phone number and email are not shown.

Is Splitt.co a Scam?


Apart from their telegram channel there isn’t much user testimonials on the web.  Given the amount of traffic they get seeing neutral market reaction is very strange.  Moreover when it comes to the details of the team members responsible for managing this firm they have talked only about two persons.  

Splitt.co - CEO

There are more than enough details about the CEO but it cannot be verified or validated. So as far as credibility is considered unfortunately this firm does not have that under their belt.

Splitt.co Review Conclusion

This company is unregulated, anonymous and uses aggressive marketing methods, these 3 things combined might turn into a disaster quickly.  The returns they portray which to remind you again is upto 4.7% daily which adds to 141% monthly which is not realistic at all.

Regardless of which type of equipment they use these kind of profits are nothing short of a miracle to achieve.  We believe that it is a ponzi scheme which is currently going through the expansion phase but eventually it will come to a halt and crumble to pieces.

Have you been scammed by Splitt.co?  Share your opinion by leaving us a comment.


  1. Michael

    I have been heavily scammed by split,the worst is that the money is not mine alone,stay away from split and finsilk also they are scammers

  2. Jeric

    I invested my money here but its in maintenance for a month. I was so dissapointed to this site.

  3. Maria


    Splitt ofrece minería en la nube a través de 3 tipos de contratos. El bot funciona perfectamente a la hora de recibir su dinero, pero cuando intenta retirarlo se generan los siguientes problemas:

    El bot sufre un “colapso” durante el retiro y la operación no se procesa; el dinero es debitado de su cuenta, pero no es transferido a ningún lado. La plataforma arroja el mensaje de error, pero no le devuelvan el dinero ni lo transfieren a su billetera, simplemente se pierde…

    Otro problema es el mensaje: “sub error encountered” que aparecerá una y otra vez y no le permitirá hacer la transacción.

    Pero tampoco cuadran las cuentas del saldo existente; si suma la ganancia diaria y le resta los retiros, encontrara que subrepticiamente cada día va desapareciendo un pequeño saldo, que se acumula al final del contrato y no tiene explicación alguna en ninguna parte de la página web. Nuevamente el dinero desaparece y si usted no hace las cuentas, probablemente ni se de cuenta.

    El equipo de soporte da asco…. Solo responden si usted está preguntando como hacer una inversión, si su pregunta se refiere a un retiro no le contestan; le envían un mensaje prefabricado notificándole que el equipo de soporte no está disponible pero que se comunicaran a su e-mail posteriormente, pero jamás lo hacen….


  4. andy

    It looks like a scam, as they had stopped paying after 22nd Nov, and also there is no response from the support.

    • Patrick

      same here. I started my btc cloud mining investment with them around August-September, then around Nov 22nd and close to the period when BTC dropped from 6k to 3k theyve been having “maintenence issues” with no feedback/legit news on their return to continue everyones cryptomining investments. I really need my investment returns because I invested a decent amount of money into the company’s products. If anyone is receiving their splitt withdrawals of their investment plz reach out and reply to this comment, thanks

        • Justin Hearn

          I tried to log into the site just a minute ago…no verse bien:

      • Miningme

        I also received btc from splitt.co i earn $350 from $30 of investment. But when the website is not working, i never ask them.

  5. Justin Hearn

    Confirmed: Splitt is definitely a flat-out scam. I dipped my toes in to see how long the contracts would pay out until some kind of “problem” occurred; they go out of their way to make sure you feel VERY taken care of for about two weeks, and then suddenly withdrawals stop working, and customer service stops replying despite my repeated warnings that I gave them my piddly little investment because I could, and I was curious if they’d even honor that — and they haven’t talked to me in a week, so I’m guessing they aren’t going to start now.

    DO NOT GIVE ANY ASSETS TO SPLITT; THEY WILL STEAL THEM. (Hell, “exit scam” is implied in the company’s NAME. ;-P )

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