QuantumAI Review – An Obvious Fraud Program

QuantumAI (Quantum-ai-technology.com) portrays itself as some sort of high end technical program designed to make its users rich through stock trading. They claim to earn their clients as much as $1500 every 5 hours and their alleged goal is to help the world get rid of poverty. In theory, everything they say sounds amazing, but in reality they are just trying to target desperate people and in the end loot everything they can from them.

We found clear links between offshore unregulated brokers and this platform which means they have high conflict of interest. Moreover, given the way they are structured, it looks like they are professional frauds and tracing their real identity might be almost impossible. Online investing is an exciting field, but do not let these scammers lure you in with fake promises. Go through our review to know about everything regarding this firm and understand their real motives.

QuantumAI Review

Company, Licenses and Support

Any firm which offers financial advice specific to their client needs to be regulated in most countries. Platforms like this one have managed to get around the regulation obstacles by slightly twisting the way it operates. Since this firm has delegated the trade idea generation to the software entirely, it is in the grey area of the law, but people who are financially naive will inevitably lose money by following the bot.

If their platform was really legit, then ask yourself why they are hesitant to offer free trials or demo accounts to test them out? Isn’t it clear that they are just trying to find the quickest way to take the money from the client’s bank account to their pocket? As there is no information about the employees or the founders of this firm, we couldn’t find any data which potentially could have helped us in tracing their origin.

Though this firm has presence on multiple social media platforms, they do not have any dedicated staff for customer care. In short, once you deposit with them, they don’t care about you and when things go sideways, they are not at all bothered to even address the situation.

How does QuantumAI Work?

QuantumAI has one of the weirdest narratives we have ever seen. They say that the secret to their success is something called quantum computing which supposedly analyses the market while opening and closing trades within a few nanoseconds. Any experienced trader or investor would easily recognise the false story these crooks are peddling because it is simply not the way the markets work.

We took a clear look around their platform and just like we expected, there was no trading history or any other type of performance tracking. So, on what basis are the investors supposed to trust them?

Trading the stocks market might seem easy at first glance, but that certainly is not the case. In order to be successful, an individual needs to master the art of trading and even then the gains will not be so amplified like this platform portrays. So, don’t fall into their easy money making scheme because they will always leave you empty handed.

Investments and Profits

The minimum amount you need to get started on this platform is around $250. While there are no specific returns promised on the capital, according to their website anyone can make easily around $1000 at least. Stock markets are without doubt liquid and have decent volatility, but making thousands of dollars with a mere $250 is an impossible situation and it’s not sustainable.

Think for a moment, if this firm really found a way to make so much money with little to no risk, would they offer it to the public for free? Making money is the end objective for every person in the market and it certainly isn’t easy. Do yourself a favor and focus on educating yourself about the financial sector instead of wasting time and money on programs like this one.

Manipulative Narrative

Many online services build their reputation by featuring a testimonial or customer feedback section. Some of them even showcase the comments made by famous people or celebrities. On this platform, the crooks have shown the statements made by Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos wherein the content indicates that they are also involved with this firm which is a complete joke.

QuantumAI Fake Narratives

Obviously, there is no connection between the world’s richest people and this fraud platform and the only reason they have put up this content is to seem like a reputable institution. Given so many red flags across their platform, one fact we know for sure is that these crooks will go to extreme lengths to convince you otherwise.

Domain Insights

Below are the demographic details of this domain and website. Courtesy – Alexa.com and Whois.com.

Domain – Quantum-ai-technology.com

Registered On – 30/12/2019

Expiry – 30/12/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 1,078,226

Rank in Ukraine – 89,993

Target Audience – Ukraine

QuantumAI Review Conclusion

QuantumAI is a fake trading software which has no merit whatsoever. This platform is linked with notorious offshore brokers who will pay a hefty commission for every client they refer to. Though, their business model is beneficial for both the owners and the promoters, at the end of the day if you make the mistake of trusting them with your money, you will never get it back for sure. So, avoid them at any cost and never say yes to any kind of shortcut you see online.

Have you lost money to Quantum-ai-technology.com platform? How would you describe their behaviour and traits? Feel free to let us know your answer by commenting below.


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