GDM Finance SARL ( Review

GDM Finance SARL ( is an interesting and peculiar type of investment company which aims at bridging the gap beyond the financial industry.  They are also involved in providing trading opportunities to the masses and are said to be not limited by regulation.

The way they have diversified their investment portfolio in a manner which is very peculiar and less aggressive way which closely resembles the way preferred by the hedge funds.  Their platform is a little confusing at first and they are not the ones who hard sell you on any plans or other type of services so you might not know what you are getting yourself into.  

Read our review till the end to find out if this platform is the one you want to invest your money with.

Company and Support

Firms which offer financial service like assets management, investment consultation and taxation consultation are required to hold proper legal work which confirms the authorization given from the concerned authorities.  

GDM Finance SARL is an all in one investment solution which basically operates in a manner similar to their larger counterparts but the only difference is that the entry barrier is low so that majority of the everyday people can get involved in trading.  The returns depends upon the starting capital but there are no guarantees being made.

Since this platform accepts people from all over the world we checked to see of they are listed on FCA and FTC but unfortunately could not find their details on either of the services. This firm is registered in Switzerland and was incorporated on 20 May 2010.  

Though they have given the address of the firm unless you are situated nearby the only way to reach the support team is through the contact form which is made available on their website.  The time required for them to answer your queries is not mentioned or specified.

Here are the important details of this firm:

Registration Number – CHE – 115.696.215

Address – Avenue de vaudagne 56, 1217 Meyrin, Switzerland Review - Scam or Legit?

How does GDM Finance SARL Work?

This firm as they state is focused on maintaining a diversified portfolio while keeping risk as minimal as possible.  Their capital is allocated between energy sector, gold and agriculture.

As you can already tell these markets have very little to no correlation which makes it a perfect combination to trade as conservatively as possible.  70% of the trading capital is said to be used to buy equity securities of agricultural companies, since these products are necessities they are most likely to provide stable returns over time.  

With regards to gold and energy funds the information provided by them is very basic.  Though they have managed to make their narration long it still lacks all the vital information.  

Their exact approach towards trading is a mystery and without knowing what parameters or method of analysis they follow how can we trust them to handle our money?  Without proper evidence or verifiable records we cannot draw any conclusions.


The most daunting thing about the markets is that it does not matter which way you analyse the data or back test the strategies you want to adopt, no individual can guarantee or even quote the kind of profits that the trade might result.  So one of the easiest way of measuring or gauging the profits you might make is by looking at the previous accomplishment of the particular company.

Below is a rundown of the average returns this firm has supposedly got, note that they have not put up any evidence to support their hypothesis.

2010 – 18.7752%

2011 – 19.8997%

2012 – 20.6512%

2013 – 21.3991%

2014 – 22.0321%

2015 – 23.4539%

2016 – 24.9007%


This website has some amazing statistics to prove their popularity.  They currently rank 1,177,308 globally and 20,488 in Philippines according to  It is estimated that they get around 1 million visitors monthly.

For some reason we could not find information regarding the registration date of their domain and the owners on because the platform was unable to perform a lookup.  The reason for an unsuccessful lookup is either because of the invalid domain extension or unsupported domain extension.

Is GDM Finance SARL a Scam?

Just take a look at the comments below and decide for yourself.

It is true that there is lack of evidence but the reason why we are not assuming anything is that their profit targets are something which is achieved by most investment banks and is certainly not flashy and unrealistic like majority of the online opportunities promise. - Team Members

There are images of the creators and employees but we could not find any details about them on the web so it is a minor concern.  Moreover the performance stats of the individual fund managers are not revealed and the names of the administrative side of the firm is not mentioned  so transparency is clearly not their main priority.

GDM Finance SARL Review Conclusion

GDM Finance SARL talks too much about the exciting kind of opportunities markets provide us like the 24 hour cycle, the liquidity and the ever rising volatility which paves way to more potential profits but without specific instructions or plans turning the plan into a reality will be difficult.  

Though there is abundant details on general topics it isn’t something which will make you feel confident.  Our best suggestion for you is to wait till more user testimonials start to show up on the internet or start with the least amount of money possible.

Update (March 29, 2023) – We received the following complaint:

I lost a total of 178,000.00 USD after investing with GDM Finance SARL in 2018. Despite my efforts, I was never able to recoup my investment.

Have you tried GDM Finance SARL?  We invite you forward to share your experience by leaving a comment.


  1. Dino Faniega

    How can we encash in Philippine peso the GDM coins?

  2. 맹희

    7월달에 돈을 받을수있나요
    알고 계신것이있으면 알려주세요
    스티븐제임스 부탁드려요

  3. 맹희

    7월달ᆢGDM이 딴회사라로 옮기고ᆢ돈을 돌려받을수있나요
    7월달에 받는다고 스티븐제임스. 글을 올렸는데
    7월달에 확신한건지 글을 올려주세요 부탁합니다

  4. 맹희

    스티븐제임. 7월달에 확실이 돈을 받을수가 있습니까ㆍ
    정보가 확실한건지 궁금합니다ᆢ
    GDM이 투자자들 또 속이는건지

  5. 맹희

    스티븐 제임
    7월달에 우리돈을 받을수가 있는지

    자세히 알고계신것 있으시면 알려주세요

    • Stephen Jayme

      최신 게시판이 한국어로 표시되는 경우 7 월은 지불금 지급 예정일입니다. 그래서 당신도 돈을 지불해야합니다. 최대한 빨리 우리는 업데이 트가 게시됩니다.

  6. 맹희

    스티븐 jayme
    GDM 내용을 읽었습니다ㆍ
    혹시 자세히 알고 계신것 있으면
    글을 올려주세요ᆢ7월달에ᆢ다른회사로 옮겨져서ㆍ
    우리 돈을ㆍ받을수있는건지 알고 싶습니다
    알고 계신것있으면 글을 올려주시기를

  7. Stephen Jayme

    그렇습니다. Bulletin GDM 자산 및 플랫폼 당 현재 Fenma 등록 회사 인 ML Capital으로 이전되고 있습니다. 따라서 새로운 ML Capital에 의한 투자 및 지불은 2019 년 7 월 초에 이루어져야합니다

  8. 맹희


  9. 맹희

    스티븐제이씨 글잘읽었어요
    그럼우리돈은ㆍ받을수가 없는거예요

  10. 맹희

    스티븐제이씨ᆢ잘읽었습니다ᆢGDM회사가 5월24일파산신청을냈다면ᆢ우리들투자금은ㆍ받지를 못하는겁니까ᆢ
    이걸어떻게 해야할지

  11. Stephen J

    Well it Finally happen…..GDM Philippines is new victim to the investment fraud….Per report of 2 international credit reporting agencies based in Europe. GDM Finance Sarl is under liquidation as of May 24, 2019 and filed for Bancruptcy…Thats why no wonder we could no longer access GDM website. We may never be able to see our investments again. Other countries beware.

  12. 맹희

    국제사기입니다 한국도고통받고있어요ᆢ2017년12월부터
    필리핀도 한국처럼사기당한겁니다ㆍ일부러코인만들어서ᆢ안주고있고ᆢ한국처럼중간에돈이ᆢ사라졌다는식으로ᆢ필리핀과ᆢ똑같은ᆢ수법을ᆢ한국도썼어요ᆢ빨리고소하세요ᆢ
    지디앰ㆍ놈들 다들도망갔어요ᆢ진짜ᆢ너무속상합니다
    빨리 경찰서에알리고ᆢ스위스대사관가서알리세요

  13. 맹희

    GDM은 사기회사입니다ᆢ한국에도2017년12월달부터
    이자가 중단되었습니다ᆢ현재까지도돈을지불안하고ㆍ
    핑계만되고 코인을바꿀수있다고하고2019년3분기4분기에
    돈이ᆢ오른다고ᆢ사람들한테시간을끌더니ᆢ결국에는앱을ᆢ삭제시켰네요ᆢ제가몇번이고 사기라고올렸는데ᆢ필리핀에계신분한테ᆢ근데ㆍ그걸안믿고ᆢ돈을기다린다고하더라구요
    저도 얼마나기다렸는지ᆢ그게벌써1년6개월이지났습니다
    이게ᆢ돈안줄려고ᆢ시간끌고ㆍ결국은ㆍ앱을 없애고
    뉴스나ᆢ방송국에 알려지겠지요ᆢ

  14. Louie C.

    I am one of the investor here in the Philippines and this is what happened.
    I invested my hard earned money to this company amounted to P450,000.00 that promised a weekly interest.
    BUT after my three months interest payout it stopped paying interest for some Licencing issue. It stopped paying interest on the month of January 2019 upto the present. NOW as of this day we can no longer LOG IN TO the WEBSITE or PLATFORM of the company.



  15. manny

    wala pa po. nag a antay din ako kabayan. i still hope we all get our money.

  16. Stephen

    네, 제 이메일은 jaymers3@gmail.com이고 2020 년 12 월부터 필리핀에서 납부하지 않았습니다 … 이제 GDM은 KOrea, 필리핀 및 캄보디아가 합병하기 때문에 우리 정부가 많은 문서 또는 빨간 테이프를 준수해야하기 때문에 병합됩니다. 호의적으로 GDM 텔 루스 3 분기 올해 우리는 지불됩니다 또는 GDM 동전 마침내 Bitcoin에 환대 수 있으며 우리 나라의 통화로 교환 … 내 이름은 스티브
    ne, je imeil-eun 2020 nyeon 12 wolbuteo pillipin-eseo nabbuhaji anh-assseubnida … ije GDMeun KOrea, pillipin mich kambodiaga habbyeonghagi ttaemun-e uli jeongbuga manh-eun munseo ttoneun ppalgan teipeuleul junsuhaeyahagi ttaemun-e byeonghabdoebnida. houijeog-eulo GDM tel luseu 3 bungi olhae ulineun jibuldoebnida ttoneun GDM dongjeon machimnae Bitcoin-e hwandae su iss-eumyeo uli nalaui tonghwalo gyohwan … nae ileum-eun seutibeu

  17. 맹희

    다ㆍ도망갔는가봅니다ㆍ소문으로 싱가폴에있는걸로
    나의 이메일입니다

  18. 맹희

    더이상ᆢ회원들을ᆢ희망고문하고있네요 국제사기꾼들입니다ᆢ빨리신고를하고ᆢ방송국에알려야합니다ᆢ

    • 안녕, 내가 너에게 연락 할 수있는 이메일을 가지고 있니? 나는 또한 필리핀에 투자 한 사람이며 이미 약속을 지키지 않은 채 꽤 오랜 시간이 걸렸다. 고맙습니다.

    • Stephen Jayme

      필리핀에서 안녕하세요. 당신이 알고 싶은 것이 무엇입니까? 우리는 2018 년 12 월 이후로 주간 지불금을받지 못했습니다. GDM은 누군가를 보내고 있지만 지금까지 아무 것도 보내지 않을 것이라고 약속합니다. 지금 그들은 한국, 필리핀, 캄보디아가 합병되기를 원한다. Im는 갈 때까지 더 많은 지연을 두려워한다. 저에게 jaymers3@gmail.com을 이메일로 보낼 수 있으며, 제 그룹과 연결시켜 드릴 수 있습니다. 실제로 사기라면 이미 느껴질 것입니다.

  19. 맹희


    국제사기꾼들입니다 스위스에본사가없고ᆢ싱가폴로도망을갔는걸로들었네요ᆢ다들뭐합니까ᆢ사기입니다
    지금ᆢ아시아 나라다사기를칩니다ᆢ

  20. Manny

    As per advisory GDM is not accepting new investor until system is normal.

    • Stephen Jayme

      Any updates as to GDM resuming payouts again in Crypto….I think it would be faster if they just activate the withdrawal button GDM coins to Bitcoin as we already have the capability and system to convert Bitcoins to Cash….Why wait to merge 3rd quarter with Cambodia….or why not merge with Bangkok which is already operational.

      • manny

        wala pa po. nag a antay din ako kabayan. i still hope.


    Helo sir david,
    We are in great trouble for our small and in debt investment since we had more than a month of no payouts here in the philippines. Allegedly, it was the 3rd party and we are looking into whose incharge becoz our downlines often asking about the payout, but now our earnings turn to crypto. No one explaining whose that 3rd party. We are suffering of many reasons and speculations. Only payout can answer our doubts. Please give us what is ours to sustain our family. We are full timer network-marketter. How can we sustain our daily needs? My youngest had a maintenace for the heart while schooling for grade-8 and hardly sustain my college daughter. I hope GDM can answer our call sir the soonest time possible. I’m not the one in trouble, all GDM FAMILY here in the Philippines except those who had already recovered their capital investment.
    I cannot wait your answer to us… Please we are begging some of my downlines not yet received any payout….
    I have only 2-accounts the other one only assumed from a friend who declined from GDM.


  22. 스티븐로디리게스님
    처음부터어떻게. 시작해서ᆢ보내는줄잘몰라서ㆍ제이메일을ᆢ보낼께요ᆢ 입니다
    한국사람들한테ᆢGDM회사는 몇번이고말을범벅했어요
    그래야ᆢ진짜GDM회사가ᆢ진짜로 존재하고줄마음이있는지
    저는개인적으로ᆢ방송국에알려서ᆢ얼마나고통을받고있는지를 알리고싶어요

  23. Stephen Rodriguez

    Thank you for your comment..I am able to read your feedback using Google translator…..I would like to know the status of your case filing in Korea. Please keep us posted……I would like to hear any feedback from Japan or other asian GDM investors about what you think about GDM now issuing GDM coins and we cannot exchange to Cash….please send feedback to this poost or email me directly

  24. 스티븐로드리게스씨
    한국2017년에11월에가입해서ᆢ딱2번돈을받고ᆢ1년3개월동안GDM에서 어떤핑계를대고ᆢ돈을주지않습니다
    이번에는ᆢ동전으로ᆢ바뀐다고 알리더니ᆢ참ᆢ진짜
    어느나라인지몰라도ᆢ한국은 만만하게받는지

    • Stephen Rodriguez

      thank you for your comment however i do not understand the text message please translate to english.

      I am waiting for GDM Finance to give us details on how to convert the GDM coins to Cash.

  25. Stephen Rodriguez

    I have been a GDM investor since June 2018…Started with initial G700 pack and with constant top ups reinvesting 50% of what i earn weekly, i am now in the 16,000 unit level. Lately GDM is transitioning to GDM coins payout. This is an interesting transition. I am waiting for more details on how the investors can encash the GDM Coins.

  26. 사기꾼GDM.회사ᆢ아시아지역에ᆢ다시가를치고있네요ᆢ
    아시아지역에. 한국ᆢ중국ᆢ필리핀ᆢ등등ㆍ

  27. helbert

    maybe its good investment i wanna try this but i dont know how to start this kind of investment…. i hope somebody will teach me how to start

    • Emman

      Hi Helbert, thank you for your interest. Kindly PM me at messenger: Gei De-em so i can assist you. Thanks.

    • Emman

      Inquire here zero905three3548zero4

  28. happy-gdm-investor

    How can you explain these people by just watching videos about GDM on this website, you would be able to judge yourself if this is legit or not.

    • GDM New investor

      did everyone received their pay outs since November 2018?

      need update.

      Thank you.

  29. 김맹희

    여태껏ᆢ기다리고 믿었던게ㆍ사기라는ᆢ거네요ᆢ

  30. 김맹희



    • BOB

      Check this for more info:

  31. BOB

    Tapos na talaga….

    “THE Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) cracked down on a group called GDM Finance Sarl, which the corporate regulator found to be soliciting investments illegally. On Nov. 24, operatives of the SEC’s Enforcement and Investors Protection Department (EIPD) and the PNP arrested 12 people..”

    • Emman Layco

      If i may. No SEC is required for offshore investment. If they made mass marketing on ground, truly the authority… and competitors will siren. We don’t condone wrong turn. Apprehended personalities was released as they promised to make things right. SEC allowed GDM Finance Sarl operation under certain conditions.

      The word SCAM is subjective in meaning. Your scam in the Philippines maybe upright in other countries. The word now a days became an expressions of the competitors and closed minded 15/30’s individual.

  32. BOB

    From the website of the the supervisory authority of the Swiss financial market, FINMA:

    “Any individual or company seeking to take money from investors, underwrite insurance policies, or set up and manage a collective investment scheme requires authorisation from FINMA. Only where statutory requirements have been met are licences issued.”

    GDM Finance Sarl is not listed on FINMA’s website as having been given a licence.

    • Emman Layco

      I inquired directly from GDM FS and this is their position: “FINMA license is required only if we are helping mass individual to deal with forex, stocks, shares, etc directly. What we are doing doesn’t require FINMA because the company is dealing / traiding directly between the companies involve….So investors are not directly involve in te trade. So, no FINMA is required from us”…..alright, the financial expert speaks out. Issue closed guys.

  33. 김맹희

    근데사정이뭔지몰라도 배당금을1년동안받지도못하고
    제발 언제까지준다고공지좀띄워주세요

  34. 김맹희

    한국사람돈언제쯤나옵니다 벌써1년째일배당금못받았네요

  35. KMH9993

    근데사정이뭔지몰라도 배당금을1년동안받지도못하고
    제발 언제까지준다고공지좀띄워주세요

  36. 김맹희

    회사가 투자자들한테이렇게긴시간을ᆢ끄는이유가뭔지
    언제쯤ᆢ공지를띄우고 배당금을받는지부탁드립니다

  37. Toby Alano

    i’ve been a year in GDM as investor. and i received all the benefits that they promised.

    • sudesh parmar

      How do I get my money out as I have 4investmentwithgdm philippines I cant even log in…need to get my money back

      • JD

        i believe they are on a system uprgade. yes me too i cannot log in. a friend mentioned to wait a little more. Hopefully its true

  38. Toby Alano

    i’ve been more than a year already in GDM as investor, they execute all the things that they promise…
    i met also the marketing officer of GDM assign here in Phils.
    but still if you want to try, you should do research and understand their system, like me it took me almost a month before i invest..

  39. Dj

    I invested in this company. Will show my profit after several months👊😁

    Also with fintegri. Been requesting pay out twice this year. So it is legit.😁👍🏿

  40. Vicky Dee

    Look, I am always apprehensive of everything that has something to do with money making activities. At first, I really worried about this because it was my folks who first entered into GDM. But I did my research and really thought this is a scam after a similarly named company always pops up whenever I do my research and that company was a known and documented fraud. But after verifying, I concluded there is nothing for me to worry about and that my folks are going to be fine as long as they only put in a small amount. That was exactly last year.

    Now, not only are they making lots through top ups and rollovers, they’ve also convinced me to give it a try. I’m a member now for some 6 months with my initial investments already recovered and making good money from this investment.

    What I love about GDM is that David Kane sends regular updates to investors reporting where and what companies they are investing our monies in. A recent letter gave an explanation as to delays and what not due to sudden investment pullout from company A whose investor profile is falling and transferring it to company B who is a low risk high yield investment at the moment.

    Second, you can set your payout on a weekly basis. That’s really cool. So even if you topped up a large amount, you get a portion of it back right away.

    Third, it is AMLA registered. Just a few weeks ago, it became official so investors can have that additional confidence that their monies won’t be harassed by the government especially those who are already receiving six-digit amounts.

    Fourth, they have actual launch events and my folks went. I would also if not for my day job. But that just shows that they serious enough that they are open to having launch events unlike with other scams who just open a website and avoid all means of direct and personal contact with their victims. And yes, David Kane was there in Thailand and my folks got to meet him.

    Rising unit prices is always a positive too.

    So I am quite pleased with it and looking forward to my first year as an investor.

    My advice is do your research and if you don’t have the money, dont force it. You can try it out first with a small amount, which is what I did before putting in larger amounts. If it’s for you then awesome. Remember, that GDM deals with stocks and investments. While their 24 hour trading is working, there is still a chance that they will make a bad market prediction that could lead to losses. So far, so good though. Good luck!

    • Priss

      Vicky Dee,

      Please explain the weekly dividend withdrawal in the Philippines since December 2018 up to date. Kung mag comment kayo wagas na parang wala problema. Give us concrete reason eh nakausap nyo pala si David Kane.

      Explain asap.

  41. 김맹희

    한국에GDM가입자입니다ᆢ근데1년가까이돈이안들어오고있고ᆢ온갖핑계인지몰라도코인을발행한다니마니하고 1년째이러고있습니다그리고마지막글이
    그래도 여태껏믿고ᆢ있었기에ᆢ투자자로써ᆢ1년도안속앓이했지만이번만은ᆢ정확히 배당금을받는다고생각했는데ᆢ
    아직소식없네요ᆢ센타장들도 기다려라고하고ᆢ

  42. Rose

    Hello GDM active members! I was reading all your comments and thinking to invest a small amount first on this company. I just need more advice and reviews to help me decide whether I’ll go or not. Thank you!

    • Emma

      Ma’am, i dont give false hope. In this world of business, there is always a risk. Invest only if you have a guts. That’s how it works. The company is already 8 years in operation globally. That should make you decide.

    • BOB

      Hi Rose, please research Ponzi schemes.

    • Priss


      Pahalagahan mo pera please wag ka muna mag invest mi weekly dividend withdrawal pa pilipinas baka isa ka maging biktima.

      Concern Citiezen.

  43. Richard

    I have a feeling that this GDM is a scam. Just give it a year or two!

    • Noel

      Hello sir Richard, i am an investor in GDM finance sarl. Incase you see something concrete face of scam in the company kindly expose. It will be a big help. Thanks.

    • Edwin

      if you ‘re not sure don’t invest..
      if you invest and it works you win…that’s all to it..

    • BOB

      Yeah, all the hallmarks of a Ponzi scheme, complete with success stories. Payouts are made on the basis of continued growth in investor numbers. Early investor testimony drives continued investor recruitment. Maybe it will take a year and the early subscribers will make money, but a lot of people will lose everything they invest. Ponzi schemes are illegal. I reported them to FINMA. Yes, let’s see what happens.

  44. Shulan Brizuela

    At first, I invest in a minamal amount few months ago and study the platform . Now i am enjoying my weekly devidend. Anyway my advise is invest that you can only afford to loss. Your capital is always at risk.

  45. aurelio dayso

    i firmly agree to the previous comments as i personally have trid it starting with a very minimal amount but looking at the integrity of the company, i have not stopped doing small additionals(top ups) and have been enjoying profits both in my units of shares and in affiliate marketing. i am here for five months now.

  46. Emman Layco

    Hello everyone, Thanks to the author , Sanath Kumar for the informative review.
    I am over a month old investor in GDM Finance Sarl. It’s true there are vague points how the company operates and produce consistent dividend to investors. At first I am having second thoughts of putting my money under GDM care. Specially that the company just got in fresh in our country (Philippines) in a virtual operation (offshore). But I did anyway. Why?
    First, I understand the risk like every business do. And I’m a risk taker. So, what happen? My account was activated within 24 hours as promised. Their web site is simple and the investors dashboard is practically working fine. With all the fund details, investment updates, downloadable contract/policy etc. There are few notice of unavoidable banking delays on withdrawal and that is understandable. At least, transparent on what is going on. No much detail how they trade our funds. Maybe their way to protect the business. And so, for 7 weeks now, I consistently received passive income in my auto invest account.
    Second, their 8 years global operation holds the most factor why i decided to be part of GDM. That long strong years of trading existence is already exemplary to me. Since I tried putting up several small business already and it did not last that long. In Addition, GDM is expanding fast in Asia. From England to Japan, then to Korea, Philippines, China, Thailand then more to come.
    Lastly, I met our local pioneers and saw their live income from this Finance Sarl. From previous business bankruptcy to GDM finance stability in less than a year, having 7 digits income and still rising. Now, I understand why this people operates in a minimal view to the public. Now, it’s your turn to testify. Try it yourself and see.

    • Priss

      Emman Layco,

      Please explain the weekly dividend withdrawal in the Philippines since December 2018 up to Date. Kung mag comment kayo wagas na parang wala problema. Give us concrete reason eh nakausap nyo pala si David Kane.

      Explain asap.

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