Review – Crypto Scam! is a website which supposedly help the public to procure vast amount of BTC. There are 6 different softwares available on their platform and the technicality involved is pretty basic. They claim to be using the CPU power instead of the GPU and apart from this tiny bit of information, they haven’t revealed anything about their entire operational model.

Any details about the owners of this platform is not available and that in our books is a huge red flag. While the cryptocurrencies continue to grow in popularity and price, it is quite natural to feel like you should get started with accumulating it. However, before you commit your capital to this platform, go through our review to understand the way it works. Review Products

There are various versions of mobile miners, desktop miners and crypto faucets featured on their website which are as follows.

  1. Pocket Miner – An Android Bitcoin Miner
  2. Sharkoin Exploit – Double your Bitcoins automatically
  3. NextbitcoinWallet Bitcoin Doubler
  4. Smart faucet Collector v2
  5. SimbaBTC Bitcoin Doubler
  6. Simba Miner Pro

How does Work?

The way this tool works can be mainly divided into two categories. The first one is the automatic reward collection from faucets which sound good in theory, but we can assure you that, it’s not the case. On average, the points given out by faucet program are too low and it takes a lot of time to reach any considerable amount.

If you are aiming for $50 to $100 per day or higher, then forget it because those numbers are impossible to achieve. We are not saying that all the faucets are fake or scams, but know that even the legit ones might not be worth your time. Coming back to this platform, before you can withdraw the funds, it asks for a fee and that is where the catch is present.

Moving on to the mobile and desktop mining software. The information provided by them is very scarce and does not make any sense whatsoever. For starters they advertise returns of upto 0.5 BTC per day. On the retail scale unless you have more than 6 figures capital, it is not at all possible to achieve these numbers or even sustain them.

Many people have no clue about the way blockchain works and that’s why it is a sector filled with scammers. In short, do not get tempted by the claims they make instead understand that, most of the things they say are just lies. Moreover, remember unlike legit firms this one has never featured any details of their whereabouts and they won’t even provide customer support.

So, if you ever face problems with them which is inevitable, you won’t be able to reach them out. It is really surprising to see this platform operating for so long with all these flaws.

Customer Feedback

This website features a lot of comments from alleged active users. At first glance, a lot of newbies might see this trick as a sign of transparency and trust. However, things are not always what they seem? The creators have set up a clever trap by showcasing all the positive comments and the profiles are most probably bogus.

So, their attempt to manipulate the public is obvious and this kind of misguidance is borderline criminal activity. Do not trust any information on their platform unless you have verified it personally.

Domain Insights

Below are the statistics and demographics of this website which we tapped into using and Do note that, since the owners of the domain have used WhoisGuard protection, we were unable to trace the people responsible for running this platform.

Domain –

Registered on – 07/11/2017

Expiry – 07/11/2020

Alexa Global rank – 795,210

Rank in Venezuela – 7,664

Target Audience – Venezuela. Review Conclusion is not at all something which can be defined as reliable. It features all the tell tale signs of a traditional scam. Their real income is through the so called miners fee they charge from their users which is obviously not a positive sign.

There are a lot of ways an individual can use to make money from the growing cryptocurrency markets, but whenever you encounter seeming easy way. Always make sure to do your homework or else you might get burned financially. After all, no legit business model can multiply your money every single day, right?

Do you have any experience with Did you get the returns you were promised? Let us know in the comments section below.


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