Sw-bitcoin.com Review – Bitcoin Doubler Fraud

Sw-bitcoin.com calls itself a trust management firm which supposedly has a team of crypto experts who are able to extract the maximum profits from the markets. Any details of the creators or the self proclaimed fund managers are not featured on their website.

They do claim to be licensed, but know that it is nothing more than a sleazy trick done by them to earn the trust of the public. Their accomplishments so far is not verifiable by any means and their way of business closely resembles a ponzi scheme.

Due to the vast hype and misinformation around the cryptocurrencies, it is easy for scammers to lure newbies and exploit them for money. So, make sure to read our complete and unbiased review to know the real structure of this business.

Sw-bitcoin.com Review

Regulatory History, Certificates and Support

Any investment firm regardless of whether it caters to the large speculators or retail investors, they are required to follow the guidelines laid by law. Nowadays, many scams feature an incorporation certificate on their site in order to appear legit. However, do not trust them blindly and know that there is a huge difference between being registered and regulated.

Scams are like a cancer to the financial sector. So, the only way to stay safe from them is to be educated about the way the industry works and not dealing with any sort of unregulated platforms. If you are a user or have any queries about them, then know that the only way you can reach them is through email. The lack of telephone assistance is a huge red flag and their attempt to remain maintain low profile is becoming pretty obvious.

How does Sw-bitcoin.com Function?

Sw-bitcoin.com just mentions that they make money from the cryptocurrency markets. There is no information about the methods they employ or the strategies they use. Moreover, they haven’t published any trading history on their website. So, literally there is no evidence to support their outrageous claims and their narrative is the funniest one we have come across yet. The entire crypto sector is something unlike we have ever seen.

They provide ample amount of opportunities to make money, but to earn consistently, you need to have skills. After all, there is no such thing as an easy way to riches, right? Stop trying to find shortcuts or else you might end up with a big hole in your pocket.

Profits Advertised

There is no fixed percentage stated on their website. They just mention that, anyone can get 200% to 1000% returns on their initial deposit and the longer you let the funds stay with them, the more you earn. The miracles promised by them sounds good, but is nothing more than a fantasy.

Clearly, they are just going after the desperate people who believe in get rich quick schemes and are transferring money from the victim’s account to their pocket. Now, since you know all their agendas, do not fall into their trap regardless of how attractive it might seem.

Fake Testimonials

Ever since the inception of the online services, testimonials have always been a crucial part of the PR department. You can use the customer feedback as a gauge of any service and for the most part, they are reliable. The crooks running this firm has twisted this concept and are coming up with false narratives to manipulate the public.

Sw-bitcoin.com Customer Feedback

On their platform, they have shown all the positive comments which are obviously favorable to them. However, on a platform like Trustpilot, see for yourself what the victims of this scam are saying.

Pure SCAM! The site says PAY 0.005 BTC GET 0.5 BTC IN 1 HOURS. I deposited 0.005 after all my transaction has been confirmed by the network, I did not receive any email confirmations, the next morning they responded demanding me to pay pay for mining fee of 0.048 to a different BTC Address, I told them No, I already deposited 0.005 and nothing was stated on your site that after Depositing I will still have to pay for any mining fees, so asked them to just return my deposit. then they guy on the Chat which was seemed to be the one sending me email just Disconnected me from the Chat and responded to me Blocked Profit.

This is a purely SCAM.

If there was only a chance to make my transaction to them LOCKED or FREEZE so they cannot use the money I deposited to their BTC Address.

Domain Insights

We have got tons of insights on this website which creates a clear picture when it comes to knowing the type of people they are targeting. Source – Alexa.com and Whois.com.

Domain – Sw-bitcoin.com

Registered On – 29/05/2019

Expiry – 29/05/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 394,078

Target Audience – Currently Unknown.

Sw-bitcoin.com Review Conclusion

Sw-bitcoin.com is without any sort of doubt a scam. No program, trading strategy or business model can match the returns they promise. They are just following the ponzi model and are praying on the victims to fall into their trap to make their pockets full. Since the list of problems with them will make you the sole risk taker. So, walk away from them for your own good.

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