Ace Crypto Trade Review - Scam Review
Ace Crypto Trade ( is a crypto currency investment solution which supposedly generates huge profits on complete autopilot. Their website is basic and fairly straight forward. We have got may complaints about this service which is why we are publishing a review about them and help other investors to avoid losing their funds to the online scams.

This software advertise returns of up to 600% after 6 months which translates into 25% weekly profit. These numbers appear modest to some investors but whoever has spent a lot of time in the markets know that these numbers are unsustainable.

To know all about this dangerous and deceptive platform go through our impartial review which will show you why we are labeling them as scam.

Company and Contact Details

Firms which offer financial services associated with high degree of risk involving retail investors are supposed to be overseen by a number of central authorities depending upon their location. Ace Crypto Trade represents an ICO which raises funds for setting up mining farms, maintaining them and for trading purposes.

We strongly believe that they are featuring a wide array of investments just to appeal to a large audience. The investors are promised pre-agreed amount of profits at the end of the contract period. When we did a thorough check on them, we were unable to find any paper work which gives them the right to conduct the type of activities they are indulged with.

We have confirmed thorough FCA and FTC, this firm is not recognized by both these organisations which means they are operating illegally for sure.

This platform does not have the basic courtesy of featuring the license details but that is apparently is done to escape spending in time for prison. The only contact information they have put up is an email address.

Seriously think if this firm was really able to achieve huge profits like they claim then why do they lack a basic support team? It is because everything they say is false to some extinct and they do not have enough funds to give attention to details.

Email –

How does Ace Crypto Trade work ?

This firm states that it is focused on cryptocurrency related activities only. According to them their two main source of profits are coming from mining Bitcoins and trading altcoins. They claim to be using some kind of correlation between the mining parameters and Bitcoin price to trade other altcoins.

Their explanation blows people’s mind away and does not leading to a logical conclusion. Trading involves two methods of analysis which are technical and fundamental but neither of the approaches are discussed by them.

We do not know what their actual plan of action is with regards to mining there isn’t any relevant information. The location of where the farms are situated is unknown and their profit margin is not disclosed. In fact they have completely refused to share their mining capabilities or payment proofs done to the early investors.

Bottom line – This kind of lack of clarity is a common sign present in most of the scams. Never send your money to them ignorantly, ask for explanations first despite what they tell you.

Account Types

There are 5 types of accounts wherein for more returns and features, these fraudsters force the investors into upgrading. All of the offers are amazing but too bad they are not real and even if it was achievable it certainly is not sustainable because for these kind of returns an individual has to violate risk and money management methods.

Starter Pack

Returns – 11% Weekly

Validity – 4 Weeks

Min deposit – $500

Referral Bonus – 3%

Professional Pack

Returns – 14.5% Weekly

Validity – 2 Months

Min deposit – $5,000

Referral Bonus – 5%

Executive Pack

Returns – 18% Weekly

Validity – 3 Months

Min deposit – $20,000

Referral Bonus – 7%

Platinum Pack

Returns – 23% Weekly

Validity – 6 Months

Min deposit – $50,000

Referral Bonus – 10%

Titanium Pack

Returns – 25% Weekly

Validity – 6 Months

Min deposit – $100,000

Referral Bonus – 12%

Referral Program

All the investment scams out there in the internet depend on one thing for their revenue which is the number of participants AKA investors. This firm is structured referral plan in such a way that it acts as a win-win scenario for both the creators and promoters but all the expenses and burdens are on the victims.

The affiliates gets a percentage of deposit made by the client they bring on to this platform. Also keep in mind that affiliates do not have their money tied up in this scheme.

Domain Whereabouts

According to the information provided by this domain was registered on 14/11/2017 and unless renewed it expires on 14/11/2018. The registrant details are not visible as they are masking them by using a privacy protection service. - Website Information

A search reveals that this website ranks 3,747,463 in the United States and has a global rank of 12,203,444. Unfortunately the details of this site with regards to the amount of traffic they get and browse rate cannot be narrowed down.

Is Ace Crypto Trade a Scam ?

An obvious one,

From every angle this platform contains way too much misleading information. The investors are never briefed about how the funds are divided and allocated between mining and trading activity. They do not have anything which can act as a proof to support their bold and obnoxious claims.

Once you somehow end up on their platform various up-sells will be offered to you forcing you to spend more and more. Ask yourself if these so called self proclaimed crypto experts really made money through trading then why are they not able to showcase any previous accounts they handled or at least provide the users with demo ?

Ace Crypto Trade Review Conclusion

Ace Crypto Trade is a ponzi HYIP. They typically target individuals who are new and gullible enough to trust their narration. Once they have complete control over your money then there is nothing you can do except praying.

Do not even think about suing them as they are unregulated and already in the wanted list, so to conclude we suggest everyone to avoid dangerous pitfalls like this one and to do a thorough check on any service before you invest.

Have you lost money with Feel free to share your experience by leaving us a comment.


  1. Ofuegbe Samuel

    Thanks so much for the info. Please does anyone have any idea of how mnet trade is? I mean is it genuine or a scam too

  2. David Clements

    Yes i have been scammed by this mob. lost my investment. Never made 1 cent. No support and all false claims. Stay .clear of them. They seem to love people who have a hard luck story. They say all the right things to suck you in and do not deliver at all. Very bad.

  3. Lisa Dalgarno

    Yes, lost my investment with this company as have many others.

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