Claymer Review – Detailed Scam

Claymer is a relatively new crypto mining and trading platform which is becoming viral in the online sector. Their platform reflects professionalism and many might be under the illusion that it is a legit firm.

However, by the time we were done with our investigation, the conclusion was clear. We all know that the idea of making money through passive income sounds great.

Regardless of what those crooks promise you, never buy any of the investment packages with them and go through our review to know their real agendas. Claymer Review

Company and Contact Information

Any firm which raises money from the public are held accountable for their actions. After all, the safety of the public is the number one priority of any government, right?

Though there have been strict rules around the financial sector, this firm is operating in an unlawful manner. First of all, they have not put up any of their incorporation details.

We personally went over the database of all the regulatory bodies, but still there wasn’t any clue about them. In short, the fact that they are in direct violation of law is undeniable.

As customers, if anyone has needs assistance from them, then it will be a herculean task. They interact with the public only via email. Moreover, they are known to ignore the emails of the clients often.

This kind of disgusting behaviour definitely highlights the kind of ethics they uphold.

Claymer Business Model

Claymer claims to be a firm which focuses on mining and trading cryptocurrency. They do not go in details about their infrastructure and no one has any idea about their whereabouts.

Since they have not showcased the name of the fund managers, it is almost impossible for any rational investor to believe them. There is no trading history on their platform as well which means there is zero evidence to support their claims.

With regards to mining, the data available is not at all convincing. For starters, the equipment they use is unknown and the location of the physical mines is also a mystery.

Without the key details about the crypto venture, do not be kind of naive enough to trust this platform with your money. After all, there is no such thing as a free lunch in today’s world. Cryptocurrency is the best thing to happen to the monetary system in a long time, but never think of it as a way to get rich.

Investment Plan and Profits

There are 3 investment plans offered by this platform. As a general rule, they try to persuade the innocent investors to put up more up front capital for quicker returns. While the offer sounds interesting, it is a false narrative.

3% per day returns is something which is unsustainable over the long run. If anyone says otherwise, then it’s better to turn down the offer. Think logically for a minute, if anyone found the key to easy money, would they give it to the public for free?

Affiliate Program

For over a decade, affiliate program is the main cause which is enabling businesses to gain new clients in a cost effective manner. Nowadays, even the scam networks are employing the same to get their dirty work done.

This platform offers a referral program wherein all marketers are given cash incentives depending upon the number of people they bring onboard. Since, the underlying business model is already illegal, these promoters use all the shady methods to manipulate the public.

Giving 5 star or positive review, or creating videos promoting this platform is some of the methods they use. If you come across anyone pushing you to join them, then run for the hills.

Domain Insights

Below are the details about the demographics this website is currently targeting.

Domain –

Registered On – 21/01/2019

Expiry – 21/01/2020

Alexa Global Rank – 58,874

Rank in Brazil – 10,489

Target Audience – Brazil, India and Brazil

Red Flags

There are plenty of red flags on this platform. However, here are the huge ones which should not be taken lightly.

Lack of Transparency –

Most of the legit firms give more importance to transparency as it is the only thing which helps in public relations. This company has completely ignored this aspect which is quite understandable. After all, these crooks are just trying to escape criminal prosecution.

Ask yourself, if they were really who they claim to be, then why would they hide behind fake names? Their only job is to create fake narratives and fill their pockets from looting the public. Do not give them a chance to rob you.

Ponzi Model –

The fact that this platform is using ponzi operational model is obvious. In simple words, they are creating a cash flow by using the deposits from the new clients to pay the old ones. As you can see, there is nothing related to the market going on with them.

Since the flaw in their model will make the scheme collapse, the only question is when? The risk is enormous and is certainly not worth the hassle. So, never entertain them under any circumstances.

Claymer Review Conclusion

Claymer is a fancy fraud which is operating using the narrative around cryptocurrency. The likelihood of getting back money from them is way too less. If you come across anyone who supposedly has received money from them, then also be very cautious.

Remember, this platform exists only to make them rich not you. Stay safe and never look for any kind of shortcuts to wealth.

Have you lost money to Scam? Feel free to share your views below.


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