BetaCrypto Review – Scam or Legit? is a CFD broker who offers a lot of crypto pairs. This broker is operational for more than a year as of writing this review. They have a rough history and there are a lot of complaints about them on many forums.

On the other hand, they have their merits which makes them unique. They have an entire section for educating the clients, it is a kind gesture from their side.

Their platform is intuitive, but sadly lacks certain key benefits which comes standard with other solutions. To know every aspect of this broker and make a firm decision about them, continue reading our unbiased review.

License and Contact Details

As the number of fake investment schemes skyrocketed, the only way to save yourself from any kind of trouble is by choosing a regulated firm. It is not a hard and fast rule, but it is a lot safer. However, we are not saying that all unregulated brokers are frauds.

BetaCrypto is owned and operated by Golden Vision Consult Ltd. They have offices in London and Bulgaria. In case, if you encounter any problem on this platform, there are various means to contact the support team.

Email –

Phone – +442080683487

Address – Covent Garden – 22 Long Acre, WC2E 9LY, 1111 Sofia district, Metropolitan Municipality Izgrev Region Dianabad, bl.-34 entr A1st floor app 12

Platform and Features

This broker offers a simple and easy to use web-based interface. The traders do not have to worry about downloading any software. The platform is straightforward and features things like one click trading. However, the charting solution is not that great.

The layout of the charts can be tweaked slightly, but it is not as useful as it is on other platform. Moreover, there is no algo-trading available with this broker.

If you were used to bot trading which is available in many popular software like MT4, MT5, etc., then you will be disappointed.

On the other hand, there is a form of copy trading available with this broker. Though, we do not know what the exact conditions are, it is a welcome feature. It would be great for everyone, if they had revealed the profit-sharing percentage.

Any trader can take advantage of copy trading and can profit from the markets. Keep in mind that, past performance always does not necessarily guarantee future returns.

BetaCrypto Review

Account Types

This brokerage offer 4 types of accounts. There are a lot of additional privileges in each account. Depending upon your trading strategy and targets, select the one you prefer to work with.

Here is a rundown of the privileges, note that some of them may or may not be available to you depending upon the account you choose.

  • Bonus up to 150%
  • eBook
  • Academy Access
  • Signal (6 months)
  • Daily Market Analysis
  • Account Manager
  • Client Protection Insurance
  • Demo Accounts (6 months)
  • Daily Review
  • Account Currency (USD, EUR, GBP)
  • 24/7 Customer Support Center
  • Annual Interest Rate (3.50%)
  • One to One Training

Domain Insight

Below we have gathered the key statistics of this website, thanks to and

Domain –

Registered On – 04/04/2017

Expires On – 04/04/2019

Alexa Global Rank – 19,972,426

Deposit and Withdrawal

The minimum deposit amount is $500, the minimum payout amount is not mentioned. Payment methods accepted by them are VISA, MasterCard, Skrill and American Express. Transaction fees imposed are unknown. The time taken for processing withdrawals is not mentioned.

BetaCrypto Review Conclusion

BetaCrypto is a broker which will be a great choice if you are focused heavily on crypto pairs. Their spreads are on the higher side, but that may or may not be a concerning point depending upon your trading style. They do have a lot of complaints over the years.

How do you get rich quick. Firstly you need to collect as many gullible people together as possible and get them to invest into your ‘idea’.
The bait is the well publicised cryptocurrency boom.

Call your company Betacrypto as no there is no other broker like Betacrypto. The ‘Right broker is everything’ said Barry White. This one collects your deposits and then shows you fake balances, fake trades assisted by Peter Young, fake withdrawals, fake addresses and fake names such as Daniele from Zurich and Mr. Miller from GoldShitPot productions. They are con artists and know that real names and real addresses could attract attention from law enforcement officers in their legal jurisdiction. Wherever that may be. Closet in Estonia or a public toilet in darkest Angola.

So they are the only ones getting rich quick. Finally, when enough of a stink surrounds their operation. No problem. They just close down and restart as something else. Goldfinger, Goldmine, GoldenIsraeliConmen or just pure GoldDigging.

Unfortunately, we do not know whether it was resolved or not. This broker offer welcome bonus which is steep, but before accepting them make sure that you are aware of the terms and conditions. Considering their rough past, it is better to avoid them unless you know what you are getting yourself into.

Do you have any experience with BetaCrypto Broker? Share your opinion by commenting below.


  1. Greg Kennedy

    I too have lost to Betacrypto. Cedric Winfield and Ryan Fox took my money and funnely enough they don’t want to talk to me now. I am still searching for a good avenue to retrieve it.

  2. george

    betacrypto, what a set of robbing bastards, they took my money and wont give it back, have no contact with any of them, they wont answer there phones or answer my emails. Peter Young your time will come, karma will come and get you. I would like to know has anyone been to there office in London ??

  3. raymond totten

    yes i had experance with betacrypto . lost all my money .. they would NOT refund any of it to me ,, they are a big scam my brokers name was peter young he stole all my money ,, he then disapeared from skype ,, peter young convinced me to invest in betacrypto .. he told me a pack of lies from day one ..

  4. Franke Bofi

    William, if you are a US citizen, would you contact me on Facebook please? No money is asked for, ever. It is for legal action only. Franke Bofi. Thanks.

    Admin, please email me too and I can explain why and how this is a legitimate request.

  5. William Salmon

    Betacrypto. Avoid at all costs. Always asking for deposits but never allowing withdrawals. Lost over $20000 USD in 20 trades in under 2 hours. One trade they lost over $7000 and charged over $2600 commission. The only commission I paid in 50 odd trades was on the evry last 6 trades and totalled over $7600. This happened after they agreed for me to withdraw money for xmas. Ha Ha.

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