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Omnia Tech Review – Legit Crypto Mining or Scam? portrays their platform as some virtuous cloud mining operation when in reality it is a sleek, non-transparent and dangerous investment opportunity.

Incorporating the widely abused eco-friendly concept, Omnia Tech insists that all of their mining hardware operates solely from 100% green energy.

Of course, no disclosure regarding mining or solar hardware is mentioned anywhere upon the site, while every component of the site was carefully crafted in order to better deceive inexperienced cryptocurrency investors.

As you will shortly find out for yourself, the promises promoted at Omnia Tech aren’t all cracked up to what they are meant to be.

To learn about the true illicit nature of Omnia Tech, while harvesting all the relevant facts, we invite you to continue reading our investigative review.

What is Omnia Tech?

Omnia Tech operates as an eco-friendly hash power provider within the cryptocurrency mining niche.

Like most ominous cloud mining operations, Omnia Tech claims to offer lifetime contracts as a way to lure unexpected investors into their deceptive mining trap.

Incorporating tier based mining packages, Omnia Tech is powered by affiliate based members who use their mining packages as an outlet to receive referral bonuses from other prospective victims.

While the Omnia Tech mining packages may appeal to some prospective investors, more emphasis is intentionally based with their inset referral programs to generously reward investors who convert new members.

Partnered with Genesis Mining, which we exposed as a deceptive scam in late May 2017, it appears that Omnia Tech possesses no morality and will employ any measures necessary to achieve a larger wake of victims.

Who is Behind Omnia Tech?

During the time of writing this review, Omnia Tech had made sure to button up their operation and reveal little to no verifiable ownership information.

In the footer of their home page, two corporate entities are disclosed which are Omnia Limited and Blockchain Consult Ltd. Omnia Ltd is allegedly headquartered from 13/1 Line Wall Raod, GX11 1AA, Gibraltar, while BlockChain Consult Ltd is supposedly located at Level 2, Palazzo Ca’Brugnera, Valley Road, BKR 9024, Birkirkara.

What we find interesting about those disclosed addresses though would be how none of them compute to an actual visitable address, according to Google Maps.

Furthermore, we found no transparent records to indicate that Omnia Ltd and BlockChain Consult Ltd are actually active corporations.

According to historic Omnia Tech reviews, the alleged executive behind Omnia Tech was Thomas Hintermaier, yet he did not claim ownership of the Omnia Tech website.

While a WHOIS domain search may have once been able to verify these claims we are uncertain now due to the site being privately registered.

How does Omnia Tech Work?

While Omnia Tech comes off as a platform intended for cryptocurrency investors it is actually an affiliate based operation.

Affiliates who are interested in enrolling with their platform can choose which supported cryptocurrency they wish to have mined on their behalf while selecting between 7 different mining packages.

Being a tier based system, the more an affiliate is willing to deposit upfront with Omnia Tech, the more generous their ROIs and referral rewards are set up. Listed below are the 7 classes of mining packages offered:

Starter Package

Payout: 2.2MH/s

Deposit: $100

Plan Duration: Lifetime Mining

Kickstarter Package

Payout: 11MH/s

Deposit: $500

Plan Duration: Lifetime Mining

Light Miner Package

Payout: 22MH/s

Deposit: $1,000

Plan Duration: Lifetime Mining

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Mid Miner Package

Payout: 66 MH/s

Deposit: $3,000

Plan Duration: Lifetime Mining

Strong Miner Package

Payout: 187MH/s

Deposit: $8,500

Plan Duration: Lifetime Mining

Master Mining Package

Payout: 330 MH/s

Deposit: $15,000

Plan Duration: Lifetime Mining

Elite Miner Package

Payout: 550 MH/s

Deposit: $25,000

Plan Duration: Lifetime Mining

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Zcash and Litecoin.

Question Mark and Red Flags

Omnia Tech possesses a great number of red flags that should be weighed appropriately before deciding to commit with their service.

For example, Omnia Tech is partnered with Genesis Mining, one of the largest scam operations to plague the cryptocurrency domain. The feedback found at should be enough to deter any prospective investor or affiliate away.

Next, Omnia Tech fails to provide verifiable corporate and address information, making this operation even more untrustworthy.

Popularity reflected a SimilarWeb global rank of 77,461 with a Germany rank of 34,771 as of January 20th, 2018.

Approximately 28.80% of all the sites traffic is referral based, while the employment of traffic exchange sites such as is being used to create a false illusion that Omnia Tech is more popular than it truly is.

Can Omnia Tech be Trusted?

Omnia Tech is not a trustworthy operation, the reality is that they are nothing more than a Ponzi scheme.

Enticing cryptocurrency enthusiasts by creating a false sense of expectations, while promoting a business model that is not only unsustainable but too good to be true is a telltale sign we are dealing with an illicit investment opportunity. Review Conclusion

Omnia Tech exhibits all the unscrupulous traits necessary to be classified as a Ponzi scheme.

Operating as their sole entity, Omnia Tech accepts zero responsibility for any circumstances that may occur on their platform, while remaining absolutely firm about a zero refund policy.

In league with the verified Genesis Mining scam, we must urge our subscribers to avoid this malicious scam operation at all cost necessary.

Review Verdict: Omnia Tech is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

Do you possess any knowledge or experience regarding Omnia Tech? Please share your feedback with us by leaving a comment below!

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By signing up with the below services, we may receive a commission, which allows us to keep providing you with free content. Thanks for your support!   
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  1. Mr

    I’ve been mislead missold and deceived by omnia sales representative. I was informed by omnia sales representative that if you invest £7000 I would be receiving £400 every month but since last year this never happened. Now they not even paying the mining. It’s a big scam I need to recover my £7000. ??

  2. Mo

    This company is a scam and they are biggest fraudsters.. I’ve requested so many times to refund my money. But unfortunately they are refusing. Sometimes last year I went to the event in Birmingham U.K. and their sales representative has convinced me that if I invested £7000 I will be receiving £400 every month. But that’s never happened and now the mining is not paying out.. can someone can give an advice how to recover my money. Your reply would be appreciated.

  3. Single Mum

    If anyone asks you to sign up with What’s app don’t be fooled by these guys because they are the biggest scam artists. Especially a guy named WIlliam Vegas.

    Started off with $100 investment, new to the whole bitcoin mining thing but figured Its ok to lose $100. However then my return was $800 however I had to pay another $150 and then a fee to stop mining, another fee to process, another fee and so on. 2 months later after the mining continued and I had paid around $2500 in fees (ok so I sound like a sucker – but every time it was literally “You’ll get your return today”)

    The final straw was today I paid around $500 to release $17k and we get to the it”s being sent….18 confirmations….2 to go and he wants another $50. Can’t get through 2 confirmations because of $50….. I literally drained my bank accounts today to come up with that $500 because that $17k would really help me out in the really bad financial situation I am in. I don’t even have $50 and now I’m screwed because I spent that $500 which I needed.

    I am a sucker that is true. I fell for it. this is my story and OMNIA are full of scammers. Don’t risk it unless you can afford to lose it. I don’t even know if you’ll ever get a return. They really did a number on me and obviously, follow scripts and try and gain your trust.

    Keywords to look out for when dealing with the scammers because they tend to use the same phrases and I spoke to more than one from there.

    “Hello Friend” they never use your name
    “Please be clear” when they want to know what you are doing, however, are very vague about any fees
    “Alright Friend” rather than a simple ok.

    Beware, my fellow investors, there are some good people out there but the guy I was dealing with knew I was a single mum just trying to make a little extra to pay off my debts and in turn landing in even more financial trouble. It all comes down to $50 which I can’t afford for another month. I will be sending my full conversation with all the lies that I was told to someone in Omnia who will listen and I will be sending reviews like this everywhere to ensure other people like me don’t get ripped off.

    • Pollyanna

      What is written here is the impossible. Omnia does not require any additional payments to return your deposit !!! Either you fell for the scammers impersonating Omnia, or your appline thinks something up. No confirmations or other things are required to work with Omnia …

  4. Sid

    Omnia is a pyramid scheme..don’t be fooled! I knew this but only too late.

    We invested $3k in one of their packages just under 1 year ago and they have in the last month stopped mining so no its not really lifetime. This wouldn’t make sense since the difficulty in mining is increasing so you’d be mining peanuts!

    The only real way to make money through them is to get other people to buy packages and earn commission through them. Otherwise you are getting no real investment.

    Be warned!


    OMNIA самая крутая компания из крипто компаний, пишите и я вам все расскажу, Компания OMNIA это – Заработок на криптовалюте
    Пассивный доход от майнинга 5 – 15 % в месяц
    Пакеты на майнинг работают БЕССРОЧНО!!!
    Пассивный доход от доверительного управления 10 – 15 % в месяц к вашему депозиту в биткойнах
    Доверительное управление от трёх месяцев с возможностью забрать тело депозита
    Перспективы развития на ближайшие 5 лет
    Партнёрская программа с выходом на доход от 1000 $ уже в первую неделю Деятельность компании подтверждена фактами документами и видео!

  6. Pollyanna

    If you need help with Omnia, write to omniatech[email protected] This is my favorite company, which gives you to earn every day! I believe that Omnia still has a great future and for good reason!
    Write, I will share with you this information.

    Best wishes,

      • Pollyanna

        No ((For a long time I believed, like many people around. It was the only company that gave such hopes. Unfortunately, Omnia did not meet our expectations, although for this it had everything – real farms, well-known business partners in Armenia , business connections … they had everything to continue to work and develop. We believed for a very long time that this was an exception, but this did not happen

  7. Neo

    I am from South Africa and would like to work with an upline who will inform and increase my growth with Omnia,i haven’t invested but i have done desktop research on it,and it outcome is viable.

    Lets discuss it further via email;
    [email protected]

  8. Justin vincen

    I just wonder how all these mining companies can continue, but hashflare aren’t able to at the moment cause it is currently just too expensive. I would also be wary of anyone giving out lifetime contracts.

  9. James

    LOL. Some of you just do NOT get it. The same compliments and rave reviews some of you have given about Omnia Tech are almost the EXACT same reviews people gave USI Tech…and we all know that was a scam from day one.

    Some of you people are either really f’ing stupid…or really f’ing stupid AND SCAMMERS. Omnia Tech has so many red flags it is ridiculous.

    • Senne Trenson

      Did USI ever have proof of what they did? NO. They turned out to be a Ponzi. Most people still made a ton of money, people who got in too late or kept compounding didn’t…

      Anyway. OMNIA is NOTHING like USI. If you wanna visit their mining farms, YOU CAN! You can see it with your own eyes. They are a legal, registered company. They have partnerships with BANKS and have new products coming out as well.

      You say they have “so many red flags, it’s ridiculous”. Okay, shoot. Go ahead and try to come up with your so-called red flags. I’m very curious.

    • Elena Belciug

      I have been told by a trustworthy person about OmniaTech and I want to invest myself in this mining company.

      Searching for reviews or articles on Google about OmniaTech I found this article on a 1.250 subscribers blog 🙂
      As far as I know, a 1.250 subscribers is very few people, I know a guy in my town (I live in a romanian 280.000 people city) who has a blog with 39.000 subscribers.

      My conclusion, after reading the opinion of the author and the comments below, is that this article is avertising some individual mining equipments for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

      If you open the ”our Cryptocurrency Mining Guide” link in the end of the article, you will find the ”Mining Crypto Currency” article where the reader is detered from investing in a cloud mining company: ”Cloud mining is an alternative for those who don’t want to get their hands dirty with the technical details of BTC mining. Cloud mining is about renting computing power from a company and then using this power for BTC mining. This vertical is fraught with scams though and therefore it isn’t a really attractive alternative to “traditional” mining.” and encouraged to buy individual mining rigs such as Antminer S9: ”Currently, one of the top ASIC-rigs is the Antminer S9, which is capable of processing 14THs per second. Costing around $2,000, such a rig will produce some $3,000 for miners per year, which will allow them to turn a modest profit, provided their electricity costs aren’t particularly steep.”

      At the end of this article the reader will find useful links to those individual mining rigs: Antminer S9 and some GPU for Ethereum mining.

      Bitmain’s Antminer S9 – the Cutting Edge of Bitcoin Mining
      If you happen to be someone interested in joining the ranks of the miners yourself, you will want to take a look at Bitmain’s Antminer S9, simply because right now, it is the best Bitcoin mining equipment available.

      In the article ”How to Mine Ethereum, Monero and Zcash” the same author is putting links to amazon individual miining equipments and a link to an article where another mining pool company, ”MinerGate”, is seen as a scam or a ”shady business”.

      Excerpts from ”How to Mine Ethereum, Monero and Zcash”:
      Once you’re certain that you do indeed want to mine, and you know you have the money it takes to set off on the right foot, you need to learn to view the equation from the perspective of profitability.
      What you need are reasonably-priced GPUs, with decent hash-rates, that do not consume a lot of electricity. As always with mining, the cost of your initial hardware investment and your local electricity costs will determine your profitability. What all this means is that you will need an EFFICIENT rig.
      You will also need mining software, an Ethereum mining pool, such as Ethpool/Ethermine, f2pool, DwarfPool, Ethfans and MinerGate, and an Ethereum wallet, where the proceeds of your mining activity can be sent and stored.

      ”MinerGate” is a link to another articol where another mining pool is seen by the author as a scam or a ”shady business”.

      MinerGate Review – Trustworthy Bitcoin Mining Pool? is a cryptocurrency mining pool that was allegedly created by a group of crypto coin enthusiasts. Launched into operation a little over 3 years ago on March 4th, 2014, MinerGate has served as a reputable mining pool destination amongst crypto-miners. Recent research though will reveal some shady business dealings being practiced by MinerGate. The chief complaints regarding MinerGate would be the theft of hashing power and taking portions of mined shares for themselves.

      While these complaints may seem justifiable to MinerGate due to how inexpensive they offer their services, we still find it shady to say the least. With this in mind, the objective of our comprehensive review would be to provide you with all the information necessary to determine whether or not you believe this Bitcoin mining pool to be a trustworthy and promising mining destination.

      Ethereum Mining Hardware
      As stated above, you cannot use ASICs for Ethereum/Monero/Zcash mining. What you need are GPUs. GPU is short for Graphics Processing Unit, and if you are a gamer, you are probably quite familiar with the term. The central components of graphics cards, GPUs have been found to be the most efficient at handling the sort of hashing needed for Ethereum mining. This is why you need to pile up as many of the most efficient ones as possible.
      To handle say 7 GPU’s, you will need a motherboard and a CPU (Central Processing Unit) capable of handling that many graphics cards, as well as some proper RAM.
      ASRock manufacture an impressive range of such motherboards, with various sockets and number of PCI-E slots supported.

      ”ASRock” is a link to Amazon product ”ASRock Rack Motherboard C236 WSI.

      Next, in the article, there are given more links to Amazon products: Z270 XPOWER Gaming Titanium motherboard, 16 Gigs of 2,666 MHz RAM, Intel Core i5-7600k CPU and PCI-E risers.

      Obviously, ASRock aren’t the only motherboard manufacturer you should consider. MSI can be a good choice as well, specifically their Z270 XPOWER Gaming Titanium motherboard, with at least 16 Gigs of 2,666 MHz RAM and an Intel Core i5-7600k CPU. Such a system will likely suck up more power than you’d like though.
      The motherboard/CPU combo will fill the role of the controller in your mining rig. You will need a bunch of PCI-E risers too, to connect your video cards to the motherboard.
      Purchasing Ready-made Rigs Online
      There are companies out there which manufacture plug-and-play Ethereum mining rigs. Prices range from USD/EUR 2.5k, all the way to USD/EUR 9.5k. The investment is indeed a serious one, but such equipment is quite a bit more versatile than ASIC-based miners, when it comes to mining different crypto currencies. It will give you more room to maneuver on your quest for profitability.
      Here’s an example of a reasonably priced, yet efficient, Ready-made Ethereum Mining Rig which you can purchase on

  10. JAMES

    omnia does not prove cryptocurrency creation hash. the bitcoin retransmission is easy to see but they lie to trade the omnia scam, it is not in the blockchain

    • Senne Trenson

      They WILL be on in a matter of months. It’s actually very expensive to be in there so they decided to wait until the time is right.

      Until then, there’s more than plenty other prove that they ARE in fact mining. They have 7 mining farms by the way. One of which is the single biggest mining farm in the world, located in Armenia.

      If you wonder, yes, they can be visited.

  11. Shawn

    Omnia is a scam. I know because I purchased packages when they went public in the US at the end is summer in 2017. It’s a massive pyramid scheme. They’ve lost my mining and misplaced my Bitcoin and it has been xcuse after excuse for month after month for gong on 9 months now. I’m in Hawaii and can only mine for Bitcoin because our state does not allow buying, selling or trading of crypto.
    Stay away from Omnia they will pressure you to sell out your family and friends for a few dollars commission and the people at the top get all he money. Pyramid, Ponzi scam

    • Senne Trenson

      Do you know what a Ponzi is? Let me tell you: it’s an unsustainable business model where old investors are paid with new cash flow from new investors.

      OMNIA does NOT make money from memberships or whatever. They make money from the MINING FARMS. AND THEY HAVE 7.

      Now, you could say “They can say whatever they want, where’s the proof?” Well, let me tell you there’s tons of proof. The best thing: you can VISIT the mining farms and see the machines mine crypto with your own eyes.

      So there’s that: OMNIA is NOT a Ponzi, nor a pyramid scheme. Not more than any other business anyway.

      Secondly: you do NOT need to sell ANYTHING. You make money from your mining package since you purchase/rent hash power from OMNIA. Once again: using the compensation plan that has 5 more ways to make money from OMNIA is 100% OPTIONAL.

      If you have a bad experience, then I am sorry to hear that. I’m not saying you’re lying, I do know they have had some difficulties when they just launched. Which happened to any huge business by the way. It happens. I am a happy customer and I know hundreds of others who are just as happy from the PASSIVE income they get from the mining. All problems have long been resolved. Everything is working very smoothly now and the user experience is top notch.

      It is, however, unacceptable that you spread nonsense claims about OMNIA. Even if your experience was bad, doesn’t mean a company is a scam. That’s ridiculous. From now on, you should get this resolved by talking to your upline and the support team. Not by talking bad about them and making claims backed by nothing, on a public website. If you can proof that you sent your btc to them for your package, then they should be able to help you.

    • Gabrielle

      Hey Shawn.
      Thanks for your input. I’m on Kauai. The presentation I saw said that Omnia Tech just became legal in US (Hawaii?) August 8, 2018. Yet you’re saying you invested in it in 2017? They have flown folks from here to Armenia & Qatar (?) to see their mining operations. It is harder to invest in crypto from this state. I was wondering why they targeted these gals to fly them. I did notice none of them have made money but are letting it ‘ride’ to gain momentum to buy more Bitcoin. Do you have an update on your investment?

  12. Joel Garcia

    I don’t understand why other people make a blog in order to downgrade the legitimacy of any company even they never made a serious research I think it’s better to make a criticism with strong proof so that our reputation will not be in vain… or just stop our mouth…

  13. Thomas Beha

    Wow – you should be ashamed of yourself for not doing your homework. I am not into Omnia Tech yet, however will do so as they will soon open in the USA. It is my full understanding that it is a legit company whereas you should go to a corner wearing a dunce hat for being a dufus.

  14. Senne Trenson

    Basically nothing of what you said is true or based on facts. I’m not going to take the time to disprove all of your claims. I’m only going to talk about a couple just so that future visitors know that you have 0.00000 knowledge about OMNIA and that you have never invested in it – How can you possibly know how good a company is if you’ve never even purchased their products?

    “ portrays their platform as some virtuous cloud mining operation when in reality it is a sleek, non-transparent and dangerous investment opportunity… while every component of the site was carefully crafted in order to better deceive inexperienced cryptocurrency investors.” The way this is written already proves that you have not written this so-called “review” with an open mind, but rather you already decided that it’s not a legit company. You say they are non-transparent, whereas they are EXTREMELY transparent, especially for this unregulated sector. I could – unlike you – give a ton of reasons for why they are transparent. A couple will be mentioned below.

    “Omnia Tech is powered by affiliate based members who use their mining packages as an outlet to receive referral bonuses from other prospective victims.” THIS IS NOT TRUE!!! People can purchase mining packages to receive a long-term passive Bitcoin/Ethereum/Dash/… income. Besides their product, they have a compensation plan (which btw they DO NOT talk about on their front-end website, because that’s not their focus. The products are.) which gives people the possibility to earn even more if they decide to talk about the opportunity to other people. 100% OPTIONAL. As you can read in other comments here as well: EVERYONE is getting paid. And don’t say that’s because they are paying us from new investors, because that is NOT true. They will soon have 7 (!) mining farms. And they have proof. Lots of it. They can be visited as well.

    You talk about Genesis Mining as being a scam. Really? This is one of the very few cloud mining companies that almost everyone agrees about that they are legit. Why? Because THEY ARE. They, just like OMNIA have more than enough proof of their mining facilities and that they are a legit business. As you claim that they would be a scam, that basically says it all. Furthermore, if you would have done REAL, PROPER research, you would know that OMNIA does not have a partnership with Genesis anymore. There are both videos proving their partnership and also about exactly why they quit this partnership (Genesis became too expensive, so OMNIA had to find another hardware provider, now they have an exclusive partnership with a German company).

    You don’t even know who is behind OMNIA, even though basically everyone who has actually invested in OMNIA knows who the co-founder (Robert Velghe) and CEO (Milan Sormaz) are. They have a document that they provide on their website which proves they are a registered company in Gibraltar. – Oh and you don’t have to go through the trouble of verifying if it’s a real document, because I did that. I contacted the officials of Gibraltar and asked them if OMNIA is indeed a registered company there and they confirmed. Not so hard to do some research, as you see!!

    “While Omnia Tech comes off as a platform intended for cryptocurrency investors it is actually an affiliate based operation….” Again: false and misleading information. They are NOT “an affiliate based operation” as you claim. Naturally, the higher your package, the more crypto you will mine. That’s just what makes it a real product. Besides that, there is 1 advantage that the higher packages offer as well if you CHOOSE to refer people, and that is a higher weekly cap on how much you can earn. That’s it. As for the returns you mentioned, you don’t even tell people that it’s different for Bitcoin mining, you only gave the numbers for Ethereum.

    “For example, Omnia Tech is partnered with Genesis Mining, one of the largest scam operations to plague the cryptocurrency domain” Really? You call this a red flag? On the contrary, this was a huge advantage when they just started that they could tell people they had a partnership with Genesis, simply because people know that Genesis is legit. Adding to a comment above, OMNIA never just resold Genesis Mining’s hash power. From the get-go they OWNED the hardware. The co-founder of Genesis Mining talks about this on OMNIA’s launch event (which can be seen on YouTube).

    “Next, Omnia Tech fails to provide verifiable corporate and address information, making this operation even more untrustworthy.” Wrong again, as I just told you, I verified it and they’re indeed registered as and where they say they are. We also know who’s behind OMNIA. AND we know where their mining facilities are situated.

    “the reality is that they are nothing more than a Ponzi scheme. ” Do you know what a Ponzi is? It’s when a company pays old investors from the money of new investors. There’s no doubt that OMNIA is NOT a Ponzi as they do what they claim, they pay us from the cryptocurrency mining, which they can proof not just with their own videos or whatever, but from regular investors who can visit their mining farms and see it for themselves.

    Oh and by the way, I’ve been personally involved with OMNIA since October last year and I’ve always received my payments correctly. Sometimes with a delay, sure. But they always communicate about that as well. This is a very young company with a great vision behind it and it’s already one of if not the largest cloud mining company in the world. They will soon have 7 finished mining farms around Europe (Sweden, Austria, Armenia). They are constantly improving and listening to our feedback. It simply is an amazing company that offers a very unique opportunity for regular people to become successful (if they choose to build a team) or to simply get a very nice passive income from cryptocurrency mining.

    By the way, they are currently building the single largest mining facility in the world. It’s located in Armenia and will have room for more than 100 000 mining machines. The president of Armenia has recently visited their farm… Again, tons of proof about this and actually we will be visiting the farm in August to see it with our own eyes.

      • Senne Trenson

        Thank you Ian! Yes, they are quiet because they know they are the ones misleading people who are looking for an honest review about OMNIA…. As someone else has pointed out, they are talking about transparency, but hide their own identity.

        That’s why I commented so comprehensively, so hopefully people who land on this page will look at the comments (not just mine) and see the real truth.

  15. Aleeza Roy

    Omnia tech mining review is discussed as the best mining company from last few years and paying very smoothly.The Omnia tech mining is a very big mining company works all most in many parts of the country.You can also check omnia tech mining review on google and Youtube that the company omnia tech has now a very big mining unit as a investment view.

  16. del g haugen

    TO THE OWNER OF THIS WRITE-UP, THIS IS A BLACK PROPAGANDA!!! You put down OMNIA and you are inviting people to join your mining???? Its you wo is a scammer!!! Why dont you come to the open so we will know who you are!!!!

    • Admin

      If you read the link to our mining article, you will see we don’t promote nor recommend any type of mining. This review was written by a third party as an objective review. We don’t disclose our identity to avoid being terrorized by violent people such as yourself.

      • Ian Hallam

        I’m not surprised you don’t identify yourself. You slag off Omnia for not being transparent, of which they are very transparent, yet you hide your own identity. You are a hypocrite.

    • Hans Cocker

      Can you tell me more Glicerio. Im from the Philippines also. I have been invited by a friend who is a foreigner but, wanted to know more about Omni first before i take the chance. [email protected]

      • Senne Trenson

        Why ask someone for more info who hasn’t invested in OMNIA (clearly he hasn’t otherwise he wouldn’t claim they are scamming people in the Philippines which is just NOT true)? If you want to more all the objective facts and info you need, you can contact me, or with your permission (reply to this comment), I will contact you.

  17. Bryan

    Hello, i have invested with omnia with their $8,500 package which they promise to pay daily. I opened my account decrmber 15, 2017 and got my first payout on december 27, 2017. They promise a daily payouts but what actually happened to me was they accumulate my mining payouts and paid me after 3,4 even 5 days but they do pay me what they suppose to. Since Dec. 27 till now im getting paid and already made 20% of my investment back. I invited few of my family and made commissions and bonus as they promise. I think Omnia is a great company. They just need to keep ehat they are doing.

  18. Needlz413

    I have invested into Omnia Tech. Here’s my view so far.

    The information on their website does not match the reality in terms of time scales. What is claimed to be instant mining, turned out to be 3 weeks. There was communicating via email through the site in regards to why the mining took so long to start, that was good. The MLM aspect of the company isn’t my thing, although you can make good money if you are good at selling people on new ideas.

    Although the mining payout is less than (almost half) of Genesis, i have recieved approximately 7.5% ROI with the first 2 weekly payouts (I invested on January 1st of this year). Obviously the crypto market has taken a dip this past month and that affects the USD value of what I recieved. I have recieved what was promised to me upon signing up.

    My team leader is currently in Austria (she traveled from Hawaii) to attend the grand opening of Omnia new mining farm, so it seems they do own their own equipment now. Originally they were just reselling Genesis hash power. I guess you have to start somewhere. That also proves the MLM does pay off to top sellers via commissions.

    I live in Hawaii where we cannot purchase crypto currencies so the cloud mining is my only way into the crypto world aside from mining myself. Aside from the delay in actual mining, everything else has been up to par and I hope it stays that way.

    • Greg

      Hey I live in Hawaii also and am about to invest in Omnia TECH. Actually was going to buy in today but was busy and didn’t have the chance to. Can you call me please, I would hope to get your take on Omnia. [email protected]

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