Omnia Tech Review – Legit Crypto Mining or Scam? portrays their platform as some virtuous cloud mining operation when in reality it is a sleek, non-transparent and dangerous investment opportunity.

Incorporating the widely abused eco-friendly concept, Omnia Tech insists that all of their mining hardware operates solely from 100% green energy.

Of course, no disclosure regarding mining or solar hardware is mentioned anywhere upon the site, while every component of the site was carefully crafted in order to better deceive inexperienced cryptocurrency investors.

As you will shortly find out for yourself, the promises promoted at Omnia Tech aren’t all cracked up to what they are meant to be.

To learn about the true illicit nature of Omnia Tech, while harvesting all the relevant facts, we invite you to continue reading our investigative review.

What is Omnia Tech?

Omnia Tech operates as an eco-friendly hash power provider within the cryptocurrency mining niche.

Like most ominous cloud mining operations, Omnia Tech claims to offer lifetime contracts as a way to lure unexpected investors into their deceptive mining trap.

Incorporating tier based mining packages, Omnia Tech is powered by affiliate based members who use their mining packages as an outlet to receive referral bonuses from other prospective victims.

While the Omnia Tech mining packages may appeal to some prospective investors, more emphasis is intentionally based with their inset referral programs to generously reward investors who convert new members.

Partnered with Genesis Mining, which we exposed as a deceptive scam in late May 2017, it appears that Omnia Tech possesses no morality and will employ any measures necessary to achieve a larger wake of victims.


Who is Behind Omnia Tech?

During the time of writing this review, Omnia Tech had made sure to button up their operation and reveal little to no verifiable ownership information.

In the footer of their home page, two corporate entities are disclosed which are Omnia Limited and Blockchain Consult Ltd. Omnia Ltd is allegedly headquartered from 13/1 Line Wall Raod, GX11 1AA, Gibraltar, while BlockChain Consult Ltd is supposedly located at Level 2, Palazzo Ca’Brugnera, Valley Road, BKR 9024, Birkirkara.

What we find interesting about those disclosed addresses though would be how none of them compute to an actual visitable address, according to Google Maps.

Furthermore, we found no transparent records to indicate that Omnia Ltd and BlockChain Consult Ltd are actually active corporations.

According to historic Omnia Tech reviews, the alleged executive behind Omnia Tech was Thomas Hintermaier, yet he did not claim ownership of the Omnia Tech website.

While a WHOIS domain search may have once been able to verify these claims we are uncertain now due to the site being privately registered.

How does Omnia Tech Work?

While Omnia Tech comes off as a platform intended for cryptocurrency investors it is actually an affiliate based operation.

Affiliates who are interested in enrolling with their platform can choose which supported cryptocurrency they wish to have mined on their behalf while selecting between 7 different mining packages.

Being a tier based system, the more an affiliate is willing to deposit upfront with Omnia Tech, the more generous their ROIs and referral rewards are set up. Listed below are the 7 classes of mining packages offered:

Starter Package

Payout: 2.2MH/s


Deposit: $100

Plan Duration: Lifetime Mining

Kickstarter Package

Payout: 11MH/s

Deposit: $500

Plan Duration: Lifetime Mining

Light Miner Package

Payout: 22MH/s

Deposit: $1,000

Plan Duration: Lifetime Mining

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Mid Miner Package

Payout: 66 MH/s

Deposit: $3,000


Plan Duration: Lifetime Mining

Strong Miner Package

Payout: 187MH/s

Deposit: $8,500

Plan Duration: Lifetime Mining

Master Mining Package

Payout: 330 MH/s

Deposit: $15,000

Plan Duration: Lifetime Mining

Elite Miner Package

Payout: 550 MH/s

Deposit: $25,000

Plan Duration: Lifetime Mining


Supported Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Zcash and Litecoin.

Question Mark and Red Flags

Omnia Tech possesses a great number of red flags that should be weighed appropriately before deciding to commit with their service.

For example, Omnia Tech is partnered with Genesis Mining, one of the largest scam operations to plague the cryptocurrency domain. The feedback found at should be enough to deter any prospective investor or affiliate away.

Next, Omnia Tech fails to provide verifiable corporate and address information, making this operation even more untrustworthy.

Popularity reflected a SimilarWeb global rank of 77,461 with a Germany rank of 34,771 as of January 20th, 2018.

Approximately 28.80% of all the sites traffic is referral based, while the employment of traffic exchange sites such as is being used to create a false illusion that Omnia Tech is more popular than it truly is.

Can Omnia Tech be Trusted?

Omnia Tech is not a trustworthy operation, the reality is that they are nothing more than a Ponzi scheme.

Enticing cryptocurrency enthusiasts by creating a false sense of expectations, while promoting a business model that is not only unsustainable but too good to be true is a telltale sign we are dealing with an illicit investment opportunity. Review Conclusion

Omnia Tech exhibits all the unscrupulous traits necessary to be classified as a Ponzi scheme.

Operating as their sole entity, Omnia Tech accepts zero responsibility for any circumstances that may occur on their platform, while remaining absolutely firm about a zero refund policy.


In league with the verified Genesis Mining scam, we must urge our subscribers to avoid this malicious scam operation at all cost necessary.

Review Verdict: Omnia Tech is a SCAM!

Blacklisted Site:

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